Daryl in talks for Hey Hey’s return

Daryl Somers hoping for more Hey Hey, including with much-loved cast members Molly and Russell Gilbert.


Daryl Somers has been in ‘continuing talks’ with Nine about another return for Hey Hey it’s Saturday, reports claim.

News Corp reports new host of You’re Back in the Room is still keen for Hey Hey to return, including with Molly Meldrum and Russell Gilbert -both of whom have been battling health.

“I understand Russell is feeling much better,” Somers said. “I’d love him to be part of Hey Hey when we do it. Molly too, but that could prove more difficult.”

Russell Gilbert has been released from hospital after undergoing emergency surgery for a brain aneurysm, and is in recovery.

Meanwhile Jo Beth Taylor has been attracting new fans on TEN’s I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.

The last revival in 2010 did not sustain solid ratings, but the show is not considered to be cheap.

Somers’ new hynopsis game show is due to air in April.

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  1. So people would rather watch a cooking show than a show that has entertainment and variety this countries viewing habits are really sad

    1. No. It’s possible to deplore both ‘cooking’ shows that are merely a weak excuse for nasty stereotypes to bitch at each other, and ‘variety’ shows that are merely a weak excuse for recycling entertainment while adhering so rigidly to a formula and timetable that the very word ‘variety’ itself becomes an oxymoron…

      1. The best thing about hey hey was it was live anything could happen maybe it is past its use by date but we need a show like it on our screens

  2. There are just so many shows that were great in their day: IMT; Delo & Daly; Mitch Miller; Laugh In; Carol Burnett Show; Red Skelton Show; etc etc etc. They were all great in their day. And Hey Hey was great in its day. Hey Hey’s time has well and truly gone. The mere thought that it might come back (again) is a rather sad and pathetic reflection on those proposing such a return. In your own interests, move on! What next – Pick-a-Box 2016?

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