FOX Sports presenter injured in TV stunt accident

FOX Sports presenter Bryan Fletcher has broken three ribs and punctured his lung performing a stunt at Darling Harbour yesterday.

The former NRL player was working alongside Nathan Hindmarsh in a stunt for The Matty Johns Show.

The stunt filmed with Nitro Circus included a “bob” stunt, catapulting Nitro stuntman Ethen Roberts off the other end of the “blob”. But Fletcher also landed heavily in the water.

Fairfax Media was told Fletcher was coughing up blood after the incident.

“I am very sorry to hear of the injury sustained today by Bryan Fletcher whilst participating in a stunt to promote our up and coming Nitro Circus tour,” Mike Porra, Global CEO of Nitro Circus Live, said.

“We wish Bryan a speedy recovery and hope he’s up and about soon.”


  1. Thx for explaining what happened. I saw the footage and someone bounced off the mattress and into the water. I thought that caused the injury.

  2. Secret Squïrrel

    Same footage in better quality (480)

    Looks like they rotate in the air and Fletcher falls sideways onto Hindmarsh’s knee, hence Hindmarsh hobbling afterwards. This is an example of why people jumping together should not be connected as a single object unless they have the training and the height to adjust themselves aerodynamically.

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