Has Nine given up on mid-week ratings?

Ratings: A year ago then-CEO David Gyngell conceded Nine had failed to excited audiences with their schedule. So what do we call 2016?


Nine’s 2016 doldrums continued last night with nothing competitive from 7:30pm -the very time it should be firing on all four cylinders.

For TV to work viewers need competition, but if David Gyngell described 2015’s start as unexciting, lord knows what he would make of 2016 as a house husband now watching the telly.

The Embassy, back in its second try this year, was 4th in its timeslot at only 450,000. By comparison My Kitchen Rules was nearly three times the audience. From 8:30 Nine moves into a staggered schedule due to NRL, but it’s hard to get excited about numbers of 168,000 or less even given this. So we look to the share for an overall assessment -at 11% behind Seven the numbers tell it all.

Meanwhile Wednesday was the launch of two new titles: Long Lost Family (564,000) was TEN’s best for the night, third in its slot which will need to build. ABC’s Luke Warm Sex debuted with 483,000, a lift on Black Comedy‘s numbers.

Seven network won with a share of 34.8% then Nine 23.8%, ABC 17.4%, TEN 16.4% and SBS 7.7%.

My Kitchen Rules remains #1 with 1.31m for Seven then Seven News (1.02m / 956,000), First Dates (738,000), Home and Away (734,000), The Chase (582,000 / 399,000) and Ramsay’s Hotel Hell (306,000).

Nine News (936,000 / 910,000) was best for Nine then A Current Affair (876,000), Hot Seat (481,000) and The Embassy (450,000). The Footy Show was 168,000 in 2 cities. Movie: Catch Me If You Can was 146,000 in 3 cities.

ABC News (772,000) led for ABC then 7:30 (662,000), The Weekly with Charlie Pickering (532,000), Home Delivery with Julia Zemiro (517,000), Luke Warm Sex (483,000) and Adam Hills: The Last Leg (298,000).

Long Lost Family debuted to 564,000 for TEN. The Project was 513,000 / 437,000, Madam Secretary was 353,000 and The Good Wife was 283,000.

On SBS 24 Hours in Emergency drew 309,000 then Walking Through History (261,000), Vikings (222,000) and SBS World News (133,000).

Peter Rabbit on ABC2 topped multichannels at 208,000.

Sunrise: 305,000
Today: 302,000
ABC News Breakfast: 86,000 / 50,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 16 March 2016 

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  1. Nine has quickly become a “nothing” channel. It’s [lack of] on air style dosn’t give it the “Feeling” and “polish” it once had. Promo’s are inconsistent, no on air branding and then there’s the lack of shows. It used to really stand out from the rest back in the “Still the One” days – big starts, great on-screen graphics and promo’s was head and shoulders above the rest – felt like a great community worked behind the scenes. Now it just seems like a bland sausage factory – trying to get away with the least amount of work it can. Yes, I know times change and everything is fast – but some stylish TVC’s, commitment to playing some quality shows [not the lazy approach I’ve seen this year…] i.e.: Murials Wedding.. Again. Hope they shake things up there

  2. I think the Footy Show has a life but the presenter need to be chopped starting with the dinosaur Vautin,the shows on Foxtel are far more entertaining better presented and interesting to watch,I think Fatty and friends are like the setting sun

    1. Haven’t watched this show for years apart from an occasional glance as I flick around the channels. Every time I do do stop to watch, I can’t last more than a few minutes. Totally cringe worthy. I wonder what the NRL say to 9 about it’s brand being tarnished like this. I do think there is room for a more analytical footy show, with the occasional light touches.

      I still watch the Sunday Footy Show, but now that it relies on Fittler and Johns as the main talking heads, then that is doomed in my opinion. Great footballers who are good at offering occasional insights, but a couple of weird dudes who won’t be able to hold a whole show together.

  3. If advertising is what FTA is all about and Channel 9 is part of that establishment it’s going to get a lot tougher in the months and years ahead. Viewers attentions are no longer held hostage to limited FTA content as it once was and advertising money is not increasing with the expanding choices available.

    1. Industries in decline can enter a death spiral. With FTA it would look like this:
      Declining audiences => Declining advertising revenue
      Declining advertising revenue => Lower funds available for investment in content
      Lower investment in content => Declining audiences
      Declining audiences => etc

      The networks have the options of attempting to break the cycle by improving content, or planning an end game that will maximise the salvage value of their investment.

  4. Long Lost Family was great, at least it beat The Embassy. However, Luke Warm Sex was the real viewing highlight of last night. it’s a great show, honest, awkward, vulnerable and funny. Apparently, all the episodes are a available on iView watch now.

    1. Yes, really enjoyed Luke Warm Sex.
      Wasn’t expecting too much but it was actually really entertaining viewing.
      A bonus was that Luke visited my beautiful local area to interview hose nudist couples who are well know faces around town.

  5. Enjoyed Vikings again last night. Really like that there’s a richer tapestry with three different locations running concurrently this season. Looks like Harald Finehair has just been introduced as the new antagonist, so I guess the fight with his brother is due to happen later.

  6. the numbers for the NRL Footy Show are a big concern. If the downward numbers for the show continues, I wonder if it will return to Thursday nights at some capacity by the end of the year (and air a shorter version after the NRL match perhaps?)

  7. I rarely watch anything on 9, it all seems to be talent/renovation shows. I watch Hot Seat and the news, and that’s about it. Although I quite like The Embassy, just to see how stupid Australians (men) are when they’re overseas. But that’s about it.

      1. There’s actually been plenty since. I’m tiring of a few misnomers out there doing the rounds. First Dates was not TV history (but yes it was rare and good). Primetime TV has had plenty of gay representation. I’m not saying it’s perfect, I’m not saying it’s proportionate, I’m not saying every genre or channel is lifting its weight. But falling back on old lines is getting a bit boring.

  8. I thoroughly enjoyed Long Lost Family last night!! Sian & Alannah were amazing love that they’re similar, their love for photography and especially when she said I’ve always wanted to dye my hair blue aw! Great viewing and deserves way better numbers!

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