John Barrowman: “There should have been more of Torchwood”

Torchwood star triggers fan love for the sci-fi that ran for 4 seasons.


Torchwood fans have rallied behind star John Barrowman who recently suggested the show should have had more episodes.

On Facebook Barrowman posted a video of himself binge-watching the sci-fi, commenting that “there should have been more of this.”

UK site RadioTimes reports almost 10,600 fans said that they would like to see Captain Jack and his team return in a site poll, with 97 per cent of those asked saying they were waiting for a Torchwood revival.

Torchwood ended in 2011 after 4 seasons.

With X-Files being generally well-received anything is possible if your lead star is up for it…

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  1. Had Torchwood ended with Children of Earth, then i am sure it would have been revisited by now. Instead we ended up with 10 episodes, of a story that made little sense. Was it a great show …. no but it was different.

  2. Totally loved Torchwood. John Barrowman is also great eye candy. I think there’s only a select audience for some of these sci fi shows. “Forever” was fantastic but only lasted one season. And “Journeyman” was another fantastic sci fi TV series that lasted just one season. So many sci fi fave shows over the years that never picked up the required audience and finished before they ever really took off. If Torchwood came back, I’d tune in for sure .

    1. I agree regarding seasons 1 and 2. Personally I thought season 4 was the best, season 3 was too short, but they both had one main story line, which I tend to prefer over weekly stories. I struggled through seasons 1 and 2 and have actually only just recently finished watching season 2.

  3. They should never have killed off 3/4s of the main cast at the end of season 2 and start of season 3. That was the real death of the show.

    Much like Firefly, it was just an undervalued quality sci-fi that was never gonna survive long due to it’s limited cult appeal.

    1. They could embrace the “Face Of Boe” story where Captain Jack does age slowly, but remains immortal… for some 5 billion years anyway. I liked the links between Doctor Who and Torchwood.

  4. Torchwood was drifting away from the Dr Who mother ship and taking on a life of it’s own with a more adult presentation, it also introduced Moffett’s experiment with Gay subplots which even eventually made it’s way to Dr Who. The BBC’s somewhat political move to Wales played a part with the direction of the show too I would suggest, obviously the BBC eventually saw Dr Who as a more valuable investment, British TV is not run like it is in the USA after all.

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