Kate Langbroek & Cam Knight let loose on Unreal Estate


KIIS-FM host Kate Langbroek and comedian Cam Knight have been announced as presenters for Unreal Estate, which is now in production for Nine.

According to the press release the series sees the duo ‘romping around extraordinary Australian homes and meeting the larger-than-life people who live in them – while not being afraid to check out the fridge and have a swim in the pool too.’

They will explore ‘everything from gorgeous getaways in exotic places to fun houses with big toys, wondrous games rooms and incredible sporting spaces, party homes designed for the ultimate entertainers, and way out-of-the-box homes in churches – even caves!’

“We’ve all heard that a man’s house is his castle, but what if a castle is actually his house? I can’t wait to visit some of Australia’s most extraordinary houses, partly to admire them, but also to find out how rich you have to be before you stop having trouble with your downlight,” Langbroek said.

“I feel like a little kid let loose in a candy store. It’s so much fun not only to be allowed into these homes, but also meeting these incredibly interesting people that had a dream and followed it through” Knight added.


  1. thedirtydigger

    OK , so it’s a show about interesting and strange homes, nuthin’ new there…so everything depends on the hosts here…and sorry but I am not a fan of Kate either … this will be a bit of a risk ….I can already spot a ‘ Forced Humour Alert ‘ flashing ahead.

  2. I would rather listen to two cats create a third one than listen to or watch Kate langbroek on anything. I have no idea how she still gets work outside of the tuck shop.

  3. Seven’s The Morning Show had a regular segment called Unreal Estate looking into nice homes with the host of 7Two’s Australia’s Best Homes. Not particularily original of Nine

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