Mel McLaughlin joins Seven News


It;s official.

Former TEN sports presenter Mel McLaughlin will replace Jim Wilson at the Seven News desk in Sydney from Sunday April 3rd.

Wilson will present sport on Fridays and Saturdays.

Network news director Craig McPherson told News Corp: “Mel has sport running through her blood. From rugby league to cricket, of course soccer and everything in between, she lives and breathes it.”

McLaughlin is also expected to join Seven’s Olympics coverage.


  1. Perhaps Seven Sydney need to actually address the real issue with the bulletin. Seven have now replaced the weather presenter and sports presenter whilst the actually problem is Mr Beige, the newsreader.
    Chris Bath should never have been replaced. The problem was the content, not the presenter. Now the problem is the presenter and the content. Now add in a sports presenter who is very rough around the edges.

  2. I preferred Jim as well. Mel is better off reporting out in the field. Jim brings a positive bright attitude to the role other anchors can’t bring to TV.

  3. Figured they would get her to do sport. Did I not read that Jim has been moved to senior sports presenter or something. Maybe he will be out and about doing reports.

  4. haha just watch Seven try to spin a good news story by saying Jim has been good but we wanted to do this for ages good he has never grown up sorry I don’t like him!!! jmho

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