1. davodavo6666

    I’m done with Reno Rumble, too much arguing not enough reno. Turned it off half way through episode 2 and haven’t looked back. Loved last year, The Block team working well together and to some extent even the House Rules team as well. Was great to see the teams again. The Block itself highlights issues the teams make with their own build and that’s where the drama is watchable. Reno Rumble is just arguing and cringeworthy.

  2. Meanwhile, where was Seven News last night? 7:45pm ABC (7:30 NSW) was reporting Brussels bombings. Nothing from Seven. Switched over to ABC24 during MKR for full coverage. Still nothing from Seven. Caught end of a Nine (NSW) news break around 9:10pm. Still nothing from Seven.

      • Ah…I watch via Prime NSW. I expect that, as usual, Prime replaced the network newsbreak with their own ‘ripped from the pages of the Illawarra Mercury’ yesternews – those 30-secs that add up to their daily “news” quota. No one saw any banners. There was nothing between MKR and the wife-swapping show.
        Yes, Dr_Rudi, absolutely. But since some 2million or so, including regionals, were watching Seven at least some news from them would have been appreciated. I came across what had happened when switching to ABC24 during MKR commercial breaks.

        • Hmm – probably a Prime issue. I’m on Central Time, so half an hour behind. Local Seven News mentioned Brussels as a ‘breaking story’; as did SBS World News; I then switched to News24 for wall-to-wall coverage.

  3. You know Reno Rumble is in trouble when it can’t compete with (what I thought was softer) alternatives from 10 and ABC. Lucky for 9, with non-ratings, at the end of the year, they can just pretend this hasn’t happened. Ive always thought non-ratings to be a bit of a farce though, because ads are still being booked…

  4. David you should investigate the Reno number.. I was watching ACA and it ran so far over time methinks even the 453 is inflated! Expect to see it adjusted down (quietly).

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