NSW Police urge DPP to appeal sentence in Wheeler case


NSW Police has asked the Department of Public Prosecution to appeal the suspended sentence given to the driver of the accident involving The Morning Show‘s Glenn Wheeler.

Deborah Anne Levy, 60, pleaded guilty last year to driving under the influence of drugs and negligent driving causing grievous bodily harm after smashing into Wheeler in January 2015. She received a suspended sentence and her licence revoked for three years.

Wheeler suffered serious brain damage enduring months of hospitalisation and rehabilitation, impacting on his media career.

The sentence was criticised by family members and media colleagues as being too light.

“NSW Police have asked the DPP to consider an appeal,” a police spokesman told News Corp


  1. Typical trial by media. They only look after themselves.

    If this case was any one else, generally the media wouldn’t even give 2 hoots about it.

      • No David, I am suggesting the media only get involved when it’s one of them. If It was the average person on the street, generally the media don’t give a stuff.

        A bit like double standards.

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