OzTAM to extend timeshifted ratings to 28 days


OzTAM will extend data for its Timeshifted from 7 to 28 days from this Sunday.

The change reflects that up to 20% of Timeshifted viewing takes place between 8-28 days after broadcast.

OzTAM will release additional data dating back to the start of the 2016 viewing year, with consolidated data for Sunday April 3 to reflect numbers for Saturday March 5.

OzTAM’s CEO Doug Peiffer said: “While the majority of playback activity happens within the first day or two, it’s not uncommon for people to ‘binge view’ a few weeks out – particularly with less time-sensitive genres such as dramas and movies.

“The introduction of 8-28 Day Time Shift data allows our clients to evaluate the longer-tail audience to television programs, providing a natural extension to OzTAM’s 7-Day Time Shift service.”

‘Overnight’ and ‘Consolidated 7’ (which between them capture broadcast television watched live or played back through the TV set within seven days) will remain the trading currency.

Overview: OzTAM 8-28 Day Time Shift Viewing data

Consolidated 28 data will be available in the OzTAM elemental database for each day from the start of the 2016 ratings year (i.e., Week 1, commencing Sunday, 27 December 2015).

This means programs broadcast from Sunday, 27 December 2015 onwards can be analysed for viewing up to 28 days later.

For example on Sunday, 3 April Consolidated 28 data will be available for Saturday, 5 March. Please see OzTAM’s data availability calendar to determine when Consolidated 28 data is available for specific research days. (www.oztam.com.au/DataAvailabilityCalendar.aspx )

More than 80 per cent of playback activity takes place within the first seven days*.

Between 15 and 20 per cent of playback happens in the 8-28 day period following the original broadcast*.

As a percentage of all broadcast TV content watched on in-home TV sets, 8-28 day viewing accounts for approximately 1.8 per cent*.

The top genres for 8-28 Day viewing are mini series, drama and feature films. The least-viewed 8-28 days after broadcast are sports, news and current affairs*.

*based on playback activity in Weeks 45-48 (1-28 November) 2015. Genres for free-to-air channels only.

‘Playback’ is broadcast television content played back at normal speed through the television set up to 28 days after the original broadcast.


  1. Gordon Bennett! We’re a wee bit behind we watched SCP102 Scorpion – Cuba Libra last night, ah well they are only ratings and they work for an networks I suppose but IMHO they were flawed way back, they’re flawed now and they’ll be flawed in the future, bit like the polls on the pollies

  2. “played back at normal speed”, well that lets me out, the ads go through at 16x normal speed. Within 28 days a program (Reno Rumble) could be bumped, moved to a digital or repeated several times.
    Up to 20% of recorded programs are never watched due to poor reviews on TV blogs.

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