Reno Rumble to premiere online


Nine’s next renovation series Reno Rumble begins on Monday night at 7:30pm but Nine will premiere the series online on Sunday.

It will be available from 6pm Sunday at 9NOW and Nine’s Facebook page.


  1. Actually quite enjoy reno shows, as at this stage in life it is what we are doing, renovating our house, Im sure when I get to the age of crime solving murder mysteries I’ll switch to one of the many ingenious ways of solving a crime, each more cleverly depicted than the last, perhaps by then I can combine my enjoyment of baking with crime solving in some sort of glorious baker/detective drama…oh wait, that’s been done…bugger

  2. This has to be a joke right? Who on earth is that desperate to watch a Reno show, let alone anything Nine has to offer to have to go online the night before it airs? Reno Rumble is no Doctor Who, GoT.

    • Personally I agree.

      But in an era when networks complain that viewers turn away (or never engage in the first place), and viewers are practically screaming “don’t blame us – _you’ve_ got to do things differently!” at them … well, it’s hard to condemn them for trying something different.

      And this one actually makes some sense – some will watch it online, talk about it at work on Monday, and maybe cause a few more to watch it on FTA that night.

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