Same-sex singles meet on First Dates


First Dates will feature its first same-sex couple tonight, something of a rarity in most TV dating shows.

Psychic medium Harry meets a remedial massage therapist who is also an intuitive healer, Ian.

“The gay dating scene is just terrible!” Ian laughs.

Reality TV has rarely played matchmaker for same sex couples, although Big Brother did include more than one gay male in the house on occasions.

Shopping for Love in 2007 did have same sex couples -of both genders- back in 2007 on Nine.

While Seven famously flirted with Playing It Straight the single was female who was unfairly challenged by straight and gay males covertly hiding their sexual identity. Other programmes such as The Block and Australia’s Perfect Couple have previously featured gay couples already in relationships.

Later this year Nine’s Married at First Sight will also feature a same-sex “wedding” in New Zealand, to highlight the differences in marriage equality.

Kiss Bang Love coming to Seven also indicated it was open to same-sex attracted singles, but is yet to confirm if any will appear.

First Dates airs at 9pm tonight on Seven.

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