Sandra Sully to appear in I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here

TEN Eyewitness News First At Five Sydney-1

TEN’s longtime news presenter is headed to the jungle on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.

She will appear on Monday night via the What’s in the Box segment, which has previously included The Irwins and Fitzy & Wippa.

From Sundays the show will feature an elimination every episode as it ramps up to its season finale on Sunday March 13.

News Corp reports she will bring the remaining celebrities news from home.

“It has got to be a career first to be delivered to a jungle camp at a newsdesk in a box. We will try and find the right mix of news. And we will have some personal news for each celebrity, tailored just for them. To get some personal news will probably mean the most.”


  1. Could be a good opportunity to promote the TEN news service during the show. I heard a couple of people in my office talking yesterday about how they miss seeing Sandra Sully on the news following Rove, it’s a shame she’s limited to those viewers in Sydney.

  2. How can anyone like Julia Morris’s presentation hosting style unless she has changed since we stopped watching after ep 4,Dr Brown is very good though

    • I’m going to guess that you don’t like Julia Morris’ hosting style for IACGMOOH….. Don’t like it enough to mention it twice at any rate! Personally, I don’t mind the pairing, think they bounce off each other well.

  3. Are you sure Sandra appears on Sunday, David? On the official I’m A Celeb feeds she is being promoted as appearing Monday.

    At least with Sandra the celebrities and the general public will know her, unlike Wippa who the majority of celebs had no idea who he was nor did the majority of viewers outside of Sydney.

  4. Last year Grant Denyer visited the jungle to let the celebrities know about news that happened while they were away by playing a game. It’s hard to believe a year has passed since Leonard Nimoy died.

  5. wellinmyopinion

    I have to say this one of the segments I miss from Big Brother. Sandra would give a recap of the news from the outside on the last night. always adds a little humor and reality. will be interesting to see what TEN will make her get up to.

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