SBS boss: Merger? What merger?

Michael Ebeid says only the ABC is interested in a merger with SBS. "Nobody in Canberra is talking about it."

sbs ebeid

SBS managing director Michael Ebeid has talked down speculation of a merger with ABC telling the House of Representatives Standing Committee for Communications and Arts, that ABC appears to be the only ones focussed on the idea.

“Nobody that I speak to in government is talking about it, nobody in Canberra is talking about it, the opposition certainly made it very clear they’re not interested in talking about it,” he said.

“We have said time and time again when this topic rears its head every year or two, SBS does provide a very unique service.

“We have a very unique culture within the organisation; we do things at a fraction of the cost of the ABC, so economically, the idea of a merger just doesn’t stack up in any way shape or form.”

Ebeid also disputed the $40m savings outgoing ABC managing director Mark Scott referenced during his National Press Club address.

“I would say that some of the figures that Mr Scott said at the National Press Club, as far as we’re concerned, are incorrect and the economics don’t work,” hesaid.

“I’m far more interested in hearing the views of the incoming managing director than the outgoing managing director on that topic.”

Source: Fairfax

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  1. SBS is a waste of tax payers money it’s a poor mans version of the ABC it doesn’t fulfill its charter of being a multicultural channel . Where are all the foreign language programmes which is what it’s suppose to be showing They are all on world movies . At least they could spend our money on soccer where is the champions league the Bundesliga the serie A . Why not pay for these and show the A league as well at least we would watch them.they show one champions league game and it’s the crappy game not the best game .spend the money on the English premier league .why do we need four SBS channels waste of money .a youth channel a food channel why .better off shutting it down no one is watching anyways . People of multicultural backgrounds are not watching which is suppose to be their audience.

    1. I watch a few foreign language dramas and movies on SBS plus there are heaps of news programs in the morning in various languages.

      UEFA Champions League matches are played contemporaneously so they can only show one live without blocking out two or more channels. There will be a match broadcast live early Wed morning. There is also a highlights show on the Thursday night. They used to show more matches via replays but I can only assume that the cost versus numbers of eyeballs didn’t work out.

      The EPL is very expensive. The only way that SBS could possibly afford it is if they were allowed more advertising and won Lotto.

  2. I think a merger of the two would make public broadcasting stronger. Also ABC and SBS would share revenue from SBS on Demand and other ventures that they have. I am open to that idea, it will get SBS back to what it used to be.

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