1. I was in hospital for a week recently so had time to watch all three morning shows. I was really impressed with Studio 10. It is a pity it doesn’t have anything decent as a lead in before it. I often forgot to change the channel to get the 8.30 am start

  2. Seven Year Switch is competently made. They’ve taken 4 stereotypically flawed males and given them a chance to impress 4 new women. Will they be able to fool them or will it force them to look at themselves and reform?

    A soap opera that women will love, that will provide minutes of entertainment for others. By now we can perhaps assume that somebody on Twitter doesn’t like everything. It rated will with women under 50 so Seven will be very happy.

  3. the seven year switch looked terrible. Great numbers for TodayExtra and the final ep of the Habibs was funny last night and good numbers for The Hot Seat.

  4. barrington bumbaclaart

    I think the ABC will be disappointed with Keeping Australia Alive’s numbers. I know that the big cheeses have been really excited about it and there was a lot of expectation for the show to rate. Really is shame that important, well made, engaging shows get passed over for tacky rubbish.

    • I thought the way it was edited very annoying. It was allover the place..it was like they inserted mini ads for their own program between segments..very confusing.

  5. Today extra seems to have one day a week being extremely high and then very low for the rest! Seven would be happy that even though Hot Seat beat The Chase Sevens news is holding up without the massive losses in Sydney and Melbourne~obviously Brisbane still an issue. All of a sudden hot seat rating very high in Melbourne?

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