That sinking Got Talent feeling….


As it ramps up to its Grand Final next week, Australia’s Got Talent should be lifting in numbers -instead it hit a new low of just 574,000 viewers finishing fourth in its timeslot.

Nine drops a pile of viewers from A Current Affair to AGT and the show did The Farmer Wants a Wife no favours, also dropping to 488,000. The bright spark on its schedule was out of primetime, where Today thrashed Sunrise.

Seven had another good night with MKR and Downton only down slightly on last week, while 7:30 was strong for ABC. I’m a Celebrity was also down on last week as Jo Beth Taylor was eliminated.

Seven network won the night with a 32.3% share then Nine 21.7%, ABC 21.2%, TEN 20.3% and SBS 4.5%.

My Kitchen Rules (1.45m) topped the night then Seven News (1.06m / 1.05m), Home and Away (865,000), Downton Abbey (781,000), The Chase (634,000 / 420,000). Castle was 222,000.

Nine News (1.07m / 992,000) was best for Nine then A Current Affair (882,000), Hot Seat (606,000), Australia’s Got Talent (574,000) and The Farmer Wants a Wife (488,000).

7:30 (833,000) had a rare rise over ABC News (823,000) followed by Australian Story (788,000), Four Corners (736,000), Media Watch (729,000) and Q & A (649,000).

TEN is coding I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here into two numbers every night now due to eliminations, which is a bit rich. The bulk of the show averaged 690,000. The Project was 561,000 / 445,000, TEN Eyewitness News was 501,000 and CSI Cyber was 400,000 / 260,000.

On SBS The Brain was 189,000, SBS World News was 128,000, Flying to the Ends of the Earth was 127,000 and Bear Grylls: Mission Survive was 85,000.

ONE had a rare win on multichannels with Movie: True Lies at 230,000.

Today: 351,000
Sunrise: 281,000
ABC News Breakfast: 97,000 / 47,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 7 March 2016


  1. I can’t work out Sunrises’s fall from grace. Michael Pell is a smart, successful guy yet he doesn’t seem to see the writing on the wall. I’ll be amazed if he’s still there at Xmas the way the show is going.

  2. AGT was a fail from the start with the judges…bad choice.
    As to Sunrise agree it has become very lightweight. Do we need Eddy doing entertainment news, Nelson is at the source of most news…use him. And why does Sam A on most cross backs make a comment as thought “ho hum”.Watch how News Breakfast does it. Michael Pell has to realize that Sam is the weak link, either she goes or he goes. Finally the interview of Nia Vardalos by LaTrioli this morning was fantastic.. cultural influence and how it affected the movie…well done. Nia Vardalos was interviewed on Sunrise for about the same length of time and all it was a rehash what was in the movie….no depth

    • Agree re Sunrise. Sam still is so awkward, not natural….not a patch on Mel. And we have all given her plenty of time to settle in to the clique. Eddie marking time until something better comes along.

      • I agree 100%. Sam looked uncomfortable after the Hanson/Hinch segment on Monday and didn’t know what to say, apart from mumbling, ‘okay, we want a good debate’. Very different from the rapport Karl has on Today with his regular guests that makes the audience comfortable and laugh along. Sunrise seems to be a lot more dumbed down this year.

  3. As someone who was a longtime viewer of Sunrise, I’ve found myself switching over to Today or ABC recently too. I’d say one of the main reasons is that the show has become too lightweight. I realise some people will think it’s been like that for years but to me it’s grown increasingly silly of late with lots of non news filling the time. I also think the constant road trips have become tiresome. It feels like they are hardly at the Martin Place studios anymore. It’s not really the presenters that are letting the show down but the content I feel, and that would all stem from the Executive producer I’m assuming. Perhaps a change is needed there.

  4. barrington bumbaclaart

    ABC so close to taking out second place. Last night’s Australian Story and Four Corners were both very good stories, brilliantly told.

  5. AGT Host not right for this show and embarrassing, judges second rate and better suited in a jungle, and ridiculous acts. Nine should know better or has 60 years of TV taught them nothing !

    • I’ve said that since Im a Celebrity debuted last year – they drag 10 minutes of content out into a 70+ minute episode making the whole show pretty dull. It would be a fantastic 30 minute show at 7pm and get a great head start on the reality competition at 7:30.

  6. Is it ok for The Chase to be coded into two shows every night of the year when it’s a one hour game show?
    Or 7News / 9News or The Project. Isn’t that also ‘a bit rich’
    Why editorialise some parts and not others – they have two numbers.. report them

    • Firstly, those numbers are reported above. Secondly as a long term reader of this site you should be aware I have raised your concern a number of times, as it is view I agree with. I have long campaigned for ratings to reflect EPG titles. No code-splitting. No simulcasting. No argument.

      • Personally I liked your comment and single averaged reporting. It would be too cumbersome for you to merge all news and Project numbers every night.

  7. I don’t know think TEN expected the ‘elimination’ part of I’m A Celeb to be lower than the ‘main’ show! And is AGT the first flop of 2016?

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