The Bolt Report shifting to SKY News


TEN series The Bolt Report will return on SKY News at 7pm weeknights from May.

It ends speculation as to whether the show would return to TEN this year, but airing on the joint News Corp / Telstra-owned broadcaster may be a cheaper option than producing the show for TEN.

Bolt will also continue his nightly appearances on Steve Price’s radio show and writing for the Herald Sun. He was recently a correspondent from Rome during George Pell’s video appearances into the child abuse inquiry.

“It’s a bit scary,” Bolt told News Corp. “SKY has been brilliant at news. Now it’s beefing up the views. Five nights with the radio show as well, so it will be full on — but it’s an election year, so why not?”

The Bolt Report will be first nightly production from SKY’s Melbourne studio.

Former prime ministerial chief of staff Peta Credlin is also believed to be considering an offer to join SKY’s federal election coverage.


  1. normalozperson

    A very small receptive audience,once you have seen 1 Blot show if your a masochistic you record it and watch it every night,same old same without fail

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