UK reschedules The Tunnel following Brussels attacks


UK broadcaster SKY has postponed the launch of the second series of The Tunnel following the Belgian terror attacks, but only by one week.

The Tunnel: Sabotage, which depicts an attack on a British airliner which crashes into the English channel, was due to premiere on April 5.

A SKY spokesperson said: “In light of the tragic events in Brussels, SKY Atlantic has decided to postpone the launch of The Tunnel: Sabotage as a mark of respect.

“The drama, which contains fictitious scenes of terrorism, will now broadcast on 12th April at 9pm.”

The plot sees English policeman Karl Roebuck (Stephen Dillane) and French counterpart Elise Wasserman (Clemence Posey) investigate a complex terror network following an airline crash.

At least 34 people and around 250 were wounded following attacks on an airport and train station in Brussels overnight.

Source: Radio Times


  1. Didn’t Homeland delay an episode as well?. With terrorism becoming an increasingly popular genre in action shows I wonder how long it will be before such content will be monitored for political suitability.

  2. If one was to remove all terror attack plots from TV for a week, you’d be looking at a blank screen for half the time-its been a staple of drama and documentary for over 20 years and continues to increase.

  3. If I were a cynical man, I’d suggest that delaying it by only a week is more about attracting attention to the fact it’s being delayed (and increasing the number of eyeballs when it does premiere), rather than any sensitivity over events in Belgium.

    • I tend to agree, especially as this is the first I’ve heard of it. To be honest viewers we’ll have moved on by the 5th April anyway, and had Sky been planning to premiere it tonight I doubt they’d have moved it back more than a week anyway.

  4. Fair enough but only a week seems pointless really.
    Good to see The Tunnel back again as I really enjoyed Series 1…almost as good as The Bridge

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