Wanted ripe for renewal after strong finish

Ratings: A 10pm episode of Wanted outranks anything other networks can manage at 7:30pm.


Seven’s newest drama series Wanted is ripe for a renewal after consistent numbers across its season and ending on a cliffhanger moment.

The Rebecca Gibney drama drew 872,000 for its first episode, then remarkably 764,000 for its 10pm conclusion. That was higher than anything any other network could manage as early as 7:30pm -including a first run episode of The Big Bang Theory (757,000).

Nine’s Habibs slipped to 662,000 and TEN’s I’m a Celebrity saw Havana Brown exit to 742,000.

Seven network won with 33.8% then Nine 25.0%, TEN 19.2%, ABC 15.5% and SBS 6.5%.

My Kitchen Rules topped Tuesday with 1.51m viewers for Seven then Seven News (1.07m / 1.01m), Wanted (872,000 / 764,000), Home and Away (862,000) and The Chase (598,000 / 371,000).

Nine News (966,000 / 947,000) led for Nine then A Current Affair (853,000), The Big Bang Theory (757,000 / 674,000), Here Come the Habibs! (662,000), Hot Seat (525,000) and Movie: My Big Fat Greek Wedding (394,000).

The bulk of I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here drew 712,000. NCIS was 584,000, The Project was 550,000 / 445,000, TEN Eyewitness News was 520,000 and NCIS: LA was 401,000 / 229,000.

ABC News (829,000) was best for ABC then 7:30 (710,000), Catalyst (628,000), Afghanistan: Inside Australia’s War (377,000), Antiques Roadshow (279,000) and Fake or Fortune? (222,000).

Insight (292,000), Great Continental Railways (242,000), Dateline (181,000) and SBS World News (104,000) comprised SBS’ night.

ABC2’s Octonauts led multichannels with 241,000.

The Morning Show: 142,000 / 93,000
Today Extra: 118,000 / 94,000
Studio 10: 76,000 / 52,000

OzTAM Overnights: Tuesday 8 March 2016

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  1. Havent watched last nights eps but up untill then liked habibs but could easily not bother with wanted.

    Almost gave up habibs a couple of weeks ago because it started quite late compared to series tag set that morning and ending was cut off. The 9 catch up site is not an option due to the account requirement and if there wasnt a repeat screening on the saturday I would’ve given it up. Networks shouldnt make it hard to watch shows.

  2. Glad Wanted did well, haven’t watched it yet! Glad Habibs is doing okay, I have enjoyed this comedy and an glad 9 will give it another go.
    Also note Home and Away won its time slot.

    1. But it was an urban story just dumped in rural QLD because Seven were paid to do that. It made no sense as a result. They travel to small town in the middle of nowhere where people want to kill Lola, without filling the tank. And find it has a large prison where Lola’s father is, a major car rebirthing racket run by a violent criminal family operating out of a small shed, the world’s best ID forger is located just across form the 2 man police station.

      It proves that there is no point putting any effort into writing and making something good when you can get taxpayer money to make nonsense and schedule it after MKR and people will watch.

      1. Sounds like it kept you viewing though, or were you just following from MKR? I usually turn off when I spy nonsense, ie. Hiding. Wanted had some attributes such as setting and relationship between the two leads that ensured I didn’t. But then some nonsense moments such as a cop arresting a murder suspect and then not even handcuffing her while she sits beside him in the passenger seat. I think there’s enough ticks to go again.

  3. Quite enjoyed Wanted .
    Wasn’t a fan at the beginning but it did improve.
    Felt the middle episodes when it was mainly just the two girls on the road,Thelma and Louise style,were by far the strongest. Gorgeous scenery and lighting shots.
    Though lost its way in the end there somewhat and became all a bit OTT and unbelievable.
    Still, good to see a new local drama doing so well.
    Geraldine Hakewill as the neurotic, self-obsessed, naïve Chelsea was very good.

  4. I’m really glad close to 300,000 people tuned in for last night’s Insight on being a loved one to a transgender person. I recommend it for those who missed it; either on repeat or maybe their website? Really well chosen stories and skillfully navigated by Jenny. And it found an audience around the country too.

    1. Insight is always masterfully handled by Jenny… I’ve always been slightly annoyed at how under-the-radar she is, considering the often tough topics she navigates each week with skilful ease. I’d like to see someone like the woefully high profile Carrie Bickmore or Mel Doyle handle a job like that… They wouldn’t be able to hold a candle to Jenny imo.

  5. Love it , love it, love it. Hats off to you Rebecca Gibney. Great to see two women in strong roles, great to see Steven Peacocke playing great roles, Wanted more!!! Can’t wait for the next instalment. Hope you read this feedback and all your efforts and crew / cast are recognised.

  6. Nothing else is rating over 750k at 7:30pm because of MKR. Wanted is up against nothing with a huge lead-in. 764k with few viewers <40 at 10pm is unlikely to be profitable strategy for a drama with a lot of location shoots but they wanted to get Seven Year Switch on next Tues behind MKR. APTCH was axed with 1.3m viewers skewing older.

    The question is is Wanted the best way to meet their drama quota, probably yes.

  7. Perhaps Rebecca Gibney can use the money she earnt from being in Wanted to pay for acting lessons. Or she could hire a masseur to work on her face so it can show more than one expression.

  8. David – “872,000 for its first episode, then remarkably 764,000 for its 10pm conclusion.”
    Shouldn’t it be 11pm conclusion? MKR 7:30-9, Wanted 9-10 & 10-11. Last 5 seconds a great setup for S2.

  9. Habibs ‘slips’ again…and will continue to slip its way to GO!, especially with a solid lead in from Big Bang, then again, when its repeated ad nauseum through the week you can afford to miss the first ep…

    1. Habibs has been Nine’s only hit so far, and is doing very good business in Timeshifted. Frankly the Big Bang repeat has been letting the show down. Aside from this week, Habibs has risen above its TBBT lead in. The main factor here is its MKR competition -something every show is feeling.

        1. Well there’s only one more episode to go. When it was renewed, I was concerned how the premise of the show could continue with a second series, but previews from last night might answer that question.

  10. I think Wanted was a terrific series, even though I missed a couple of middle episodes. There was real suspense and excitement in the last double episode. Rebecca Gibney was excellent, in fact they all were, especially the bad guys !

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