Warnie & Fevola react to Footy Show news from Sandra Sully

Hidden from news until now, Brendan Fevola & Shane Warne react to The Footy Show bombshell.


Shane Warne and Brendan Fevola have been given news of The Footy Show fallout between Garry Lyon and Billy Brownless, via Sandra Sully’s arrival in I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here.

Borrowing (another) idea from Big Brother, tonight’s episode features Sully giving the participants their very own jungle news bulletin, including an update on the US presidential race and the bombshell that has hit The Footy Show.

Fevola, who was a regular cast member on The Footy Show, is speechless at the news, while Shane Warne is heard to say, “Oh that’s massive.”

It airs at 7:30pm tonight on TEN.

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  1. So glad Jo Beth has gone. I really hope Laurina wins just because of all the bullying and exclusion she has endured. In thois last week the alpha malea are trying to be a bit nicer, but Its too late, we have seen their true colours. Another sportsman will most likely win , just like last year. And yes, I don’t know anything about AFL either so it wasn’t massive news to me. Surely something more important has happened in the world than that and tatooed eyeballs.

  2. As those of us north of the Murray are asking, who in hell is Garry Lyon and Billy Brownless?
    So often hear this show referred to as “Big Brother in the Jungle”. See same thoughts above.

    1. Firstly, the show has done incredibly well for Channel Ten so referring to it as lacklustre is insanely inaccurate…with hints that they have already started planning for season three.

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