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Last week OzTAM began releasing Timeshifted data for TV shows viewed up to 28 days after their broadcast -extending the timeframe from its current 7 day window.

In the week beginning March 6th 2016 Downton Abbey saw a rise of 358,000 viewers from its original broadcast of 781,000 -a lift of 45.9%. Most of that viewing was done in the first 7 days.

Here is how it breaks down:

Overnight 781,000
7 days Timeshifted: +266,000
28 days Timeshifted: +92,000
Total: 1,139,000.

Early results continue to favour late night dramas as gaining the most viewers from 7 & 28 day Timeshifted including such titles as Wanted, The Doctor Blake Mysteries, Here Come the Habibs, The Blacklist, The Good Wife and Vikings.

Some shows are seeing huge lifts on their original broadcast. These tend to be shows that drew modest audiences to begin with, or are screened late night. Elementary increased by a whopping 145%, rising from 97,000 to 237,000. Jack Irish, The Blacklist (Ep 2), Quantico, Marvel’s Agents of SHIELDHawaii Five-0, Survivor and The Bridge all saw increases of 70% or higher.

Here are the shows with the biggest audience increases over 28 days in the week beginning March 6th 2016*

Downton Abbey 358,000
Wanted 308,000
The Doctor Blake Mysteries 290,000
The Blacklist 253,000
Here Come the Habibs 188,000
The Good Wife 188,000
The Big Bang Theory 170,000
Madam Secretary 163,000
Jack Irish 155,000
My Kitchen Rules 153,000
Vikings 152,000
Elementary 141,000
Doc Martin 140,000
Modern Family 138,000
Hawaii Five-0 137,000
Law and Order: SVU 131,000
CSI Cyber 131,000
Limitless 130,000
NCIS 127,000
NCIS: LA 120,000
Cuffs 117,000
Castle 114,000
First Dates 110,000
The People vs OJ 108,000
Home and Away 104,000
Call The Midwife 102,000
Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD 102,000
No Offence 102,000

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  1. I see around 12 shows on that list are ten shows. People still watch ten just not live it seems.. Sorry to point out a typo David but castle 114 million?

  2. Nice I like seeing these figures, I am an avid looker-upper of the Timeshifted results on here, maybe because I record everything I watch (including the ABC).

    Interestingly on Gruen a few years ago they talked about people fast forwarding through adverts and it was said that in a lot of cases people see the adverts more because they are concentrating on the screen to be ready to push play again. Of course this is likely one of the main reasons that on most Freeview branded PVR’s there are only Rewind and Fast Forward buttons and no auto skip 60 second buttons. Though even with that 60 second skip button there has been talk of making the adverts when you push it and the adverts prior to pushing play to have their main message in the first and last 5 -10 secs (much like on YouTube how you can skip ad after 5 secs and they’re being designed now to grab your attention straight away).

  3. Perhaps OZTAM could also include the negative timeshifting count. ie, the people that simply gave up trying to track when and where Australian networks broadcast their favourite programmes, instead downloading they days, months or even years ahead of the Australian broadcasts.

  4. Only ‘up to 28 days’? I watched the last episode of Series 3 of Elementary last night, which was broadcast late last year.
    Too many shows to watch (Netflix, STAN etc.) so I rarely get to watch something I recorded on my PVR within 28 days.

  5. David, it’s time for another time-shifter poll. “When watching a recording, what do you do during the ad breaks?”
    Search for the remote.Continue a conversation. Power nap. Stuff envelopes. Yoga. Push the remote buttons harder. Mark exam tests. Prepare meals. Some chores. The kid’s homework. Change the batteries in the remote. 2nd screen. Brain exercises like crosswords, sudoku, etc. Philosophize about your life. Give your kids “noise time”. Look on ebay for another remote. I like watching ads. Anything than watch the ads. Are you a Zombie?

  6. Starting to feel a bit left out of the ratings mess, watched TBL201 The Blacklist – Lord Baltimore – No. 104 07APR16, ELE322 Elementary – The Best Way Out Is Always Through viewed 09APR16, that’s what commercial AusTV does to the viewer, forces other viewing times

    • 24% of those who timeshifted DA watched it between day 8 and 28 so wouldn’t have appeared in the +7 numbers. It provides a more accurate number for audience interest when comparing different shows. Dramas get timeshifted more than news, sport of contest shows.

      But it doesn’t affect revenue much or influence programming for early evening slots.

  7. I am not surprised by this result. In a schedule of lean pickings, Elementary is one of my top 3 shows to watch on free to air. However I am not a night owl, so the late start means that I will always tape and watch it the next night with a glass of wine.

  8. Am I missing something here but what is the good of that for commercial television? The time shifted increase from PVRs would mean viewers spool through the commercial breaks making advertising useless?

    • Exactly. Reason why I now PVR most of the above. Can then watch three 1-hour shows in two hours, thanks to the absurd amount of advertising (now 20 mins per hr) – double what it used to be.

      • Secret Squïrrel

        Specifically, they only count the minutes that are played at normal speed and these are then averaged out over the length of a program to give a raw number.

        So if a household of 4 watches an hour-long show but FFWDs thru 15 min of ads, their “rating” will be 4 × 45/60 = 3 for that program.

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