ABC, SBS in foreign affairs ratings tussle


Public broadcasters are battling over the same small audience with Foreign Correspondent and Dateline going head to head at 9:30 on Tuesdays.

Last night ABC’s show drew a modest 286,000 leaving SBS with a paltry 99,000. Both were down on last week.

SBS has previously expressed its disappointment in ABC moving its show this year from 8pm to the timeslot it has utilised for some time.

Meanwhile in the commercial battle, Seven’s double with MKR and Seven Year Switch was unbeatable once again.

Nine’s Married at First Sight dipped a little while Bondi Rescue and Territory Cops were on par. NCIS rose from last week.

Seven network won with 34.3% then Nine 23.2%, TEN 19.6%, ABC 16.6% and SBS 6.2%.

My Kitchen Rules was #1 with 1.46m for Seven then Seven News (1.14m / 1.06m), Seven Year Switch (929,000), Home and Away (837,000) and The Chase (687,000 / 405,000). Best Bits was 311,000.

Nine News (969,000 / 968,000) led for Nine followed by A Current Affair (918,000), Married at First Sight (831,000), Hot Seat (575,000) and Reno Rumble (352,000). Beauty and the Beach was 250,000.

NCIS (658,000) topped TEN’s night. The Project was 581,000 / 435,000, NCIS: LA was 551,000, Bondi Rescue was 536,000 and Territory Cops was 521,000.

ABC News (730,000), 7:30 (667,000), Catalyst (587,000), Keeping Australia Alive (497,000), Antiques Roadshow (318,000) and Foreign Correspondent (286,000) comprised ABC’s night.

On SBS it was Great Continental Railway Journeys (290,000), SBS World News (178,000) and Insight (146,000). Dateline drew just 99,000,

Shaun the Sheep
sure was best on multichannel at 285,000.

The Morning Show: 134,00 / 94,000
Today Extra: 126,000 / 105,000
Studio 10: 76,000 / 50,000

OzTAM Overnights: Tuesday 19 April 2016


  1. Reporters have been able to convince news bosses that the public likes to hear about foreign BS because they (reporters) like to fly around the world and stand in front of overseas tourist attractions and say “look at me, look at me! I’m here and you’re not!”. In reality most people really don’t care, and are far more interested in news and current affairs from their own country. Foreign Correspondent has always had poor ratings but has stayed in the schedule because the ABC charter says that the Corporation should try and appeal to everybody. There isn’t room for one of these programs, let alone two.

    • Actually , most of the hoi polio are far more interested in idiot cooking soap operas than current affairs or real news which is to their eternal discredit.

    • The Inspector

      That is a ridiculous and narrow minded argument! Lots of people like to hear more about what is happening over seas. Of course you need good journalists to bring the story to us, otherwise we don’t gain a full understanding of the issue.

      Ratings aren’t the only criteria.

  2. What ABC and SBS have done does not bode well when it comes to funding discussions. You can’t give the Government anymore ammunition to use against you.

  3. >> Public broadcasters are battling over the same small audience with Foreign Correspondent and Dateline going head to head at 9:30 on Tuesdays.

    Watch the most interesting one, record the other – it ain’t difficult.

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