Airdate: Bugging Out


Later this month MTV premieres a new US prank show Bugging Out.

Hosted by ‘YouTube personality and prankster’ Rob Anderson and stand-up comedian Traci Stumpf.

The show tampers with everyday tech devices such as smart phones, apps, fitness trackers, car GPS systems, ATMs and more while hidden cameras watch on.

“Get excited MTV fans! Bugging Out is a prank show with an awesome digital twist. We all know how much we rely on technology these days, so we’re messing with literally anything tech-related. How far will we go? Pretty far, actually!” said Rob Anderson.

“I love technology and pranks…and it turns out I love pranking people with technology even more!!” said Traci Stumpf.

Nowadays we use a lot of devices which make our lives easier, but imagine what would happen if those devices turned against us! Bugging Out tricks people into thinking their technology has malfunctioned, with ATMs spitting out the entire contents of its users bank account, pet owners tricked into thinking a special collar will allow them to communicate with their dog and mobile phone apps that claim to control street lights. Bugging Out will have viewers laughing in their seats as unsuspecting people react in shock as their technology goes completely rouge.

Thursday, 28th April at 10.30pm on MTV.

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