Airdate: Car Crash Couples


On Tuesday MTV premieres Car Crash Couples, a UK series with Reality TV couples travelling in a road race across Europe.

You have been warned…

In the brand new international series Car Crash Couples, featuring Geordie Shore’s Holly Hagan and Kyle Christie; MTV challenges four couples to a race across Europe in an epic reality style road trip.

Throughout the series the couples will drive through the UK, Amsterdam, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Monaco and France, taking on risky roads and daily challenges along the way. In addition to navigating their route, each couple has a set of unique relationship challenges and awkward dynamics they must face.

Some relationships will go the distance; whilst others will reach breaking point, as they race to the finish line each night, desperately trying to avoid being dubbed the ultimate Car Crash Couple.

Tuesday, 5th April at 8.30pm on MTV.


  1. I saw this post in feedly, read the title, looked at the accompanying pic, and thought the girl had some sort of heart-monitoring contraption attached to her chest…… but, no.

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