Airdate: Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders

Seven's Criminal Minds spin-off is coming to Mondays.


Criminal Minds spin-off Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders will premiere 9pm Monday April 25 on Seven, replacing the outgoing Downton Abbey.

That should leave Seven with the franchise playing out over two nights, with the original still on Wednesdays.

The series sees an elite team of FBI agents solving cases involving Americans in foreign territories each week, with a cast led by Gary Sinise (CSI: NY). According to IMDb it shoots the series in Los Angeles (it’s unclear what additional locations are feature).

The series debuted in the US last month.

“The Harmful One”
Unit Chief Jack Garrett (Gary Sinise) and his International Response Team (IRT) travel to Thailand when three American volunteers go missing during a trek to Bangkok, and reconnect with former colleague Clara Seger (Alana De La Garza), who helps them rush to gather evidence leading to the UnSub before a storm threatens to wash it away.

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  1. I’m currently in Cambodia and have caught three episodes of this so far. The concept itself has some merit. It isn’t a patch on Criminal Minds and unfortunately a lot of it wreaks of foreign cliches such as the Frenchman with an over the top accent drinking red wine and listening to Edith Piaf. The other thing that let’s this down is that it is so obviously filmed on a back lot with inserted footage of the local location. I’ll stick with the original and pass on this.

  2. Really looking forward to this. Hopefully they’ll come to Australia, we have plenty of crime here. I read that they’re holding off on renewing Criminal Minds till they see how this show rates. The last spin off didn’t do too well. I liked it though & was disappointed it got axed.

  3. Lazy programming!! Criminal Minds is an extremely violent procedural that keeps attracting a high amount of viewers for some reason. Surely they could find something a bit more wholesome to air than this. Not even Alana De La Garza could make me check out this show

    1. I’m puzzled by what you consider ‘extremely violent’ (ever watched Vikings?)
      Surely anything wholesome would be better earlier in the evening, and by 9pm they could air something more mature.

    2. I know what Mucho is talking about – there’s cartoon violence like you see in most procedurals and there’s dark sinister violence that you get in CM. I watched and liked it for awhile but the creepiness was too much so stopped watching. I’ll watch the new one and see how it goes. I like Gary Sinise so I’m hoping it’s not as dark as the original.

    3. Mandy Patinkin did say he left Criminal Minds because, “I never thought they were going to kill and rape all these women every night, every day, week after week, year after year. It was very destructive to my soul and my personality.” SVU has also been criticised for its grim cases. I guess if you set up a unit that specialises in these it has to follow through.

      1. Yeah koverstreet is right. I can handle Game of Thrones or Walking Dead cause the violence is more stylised and fantasy based (white walkers, dragons, zombies) but shows like this and Hannibal are too much for me personally. There was an episode of Criminal Minds where Robert Knepper (TBag from Prison Break) cut off a woman’s lips. How gross is that??? I don’t want to watch that. Hannibal was even worse where they cut a main character (Asian lady) into six pieces and showed it onscreen – it was too much and enough to give nightmares. Maybe it’s the human on human element and just the purely bizarre and sadistic ways they think up to cut up the bodies that puts me off

        The only procedurals I watch these days are Elementary and The Good Wife. Chicago PD is another good one. Nothing against people who enjoy those shows but Defs not for me. SVU is also hard to watch sometimes

  4. I haven’t seen the extraterritoriality of the premise addressed-how is it that the series relies on a US FBI squad lobbing up in a foreign, sovereign country and then start running around with guns etc solving crimes-at the most they might be requested to provide limited consultation to local police abd security forces. i

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