Airdate: Tweet the Beat


To some it’s considered cluttered screen graffiti, but for those gettin’ down with the kids, it’s way interactive. Dude.

Not long after Channel [V] was phased out because kids are embracing music on social media platforms, [V] HITS announces it is partnering with Twitter for a show that where audience tweets influence its content. Cue the 5SOS fans.

Rebecca Batties, Foxtel Music Channels General Manager, said: “We have an awesome partnership with Twitter and this takes it to the next level, bringing our audience something fresh, exciting and a first for Australia. We’re handing it over to our audience to share what’s meaningful to them and express themselves using Twitter and [V] HITS as a stage in which to do so – it’s immediate, multi-platform and most of all, it’s fun!”

Jennie Sager, Head of Music and Entertainment at Twitter, said: “Music Tweets drive more views than anything else on Twitter in Australia, so we’re pumped to bring the best of this conversation to TV with our mates at [V] HITS.

“For the first time on Australian television, viewers and Twitter users will be driving the production of a show. Your Tweets will not just appear on screen, but you will decide the actual content of the show, and you may even get a chance to host it! Tweet The Beat will be unlike anything you’ve seen before, and will give an even louder voice to music and entertainment fans all over the country.”

For the very first time, Twitter and [V] HITS are giving you a platform to share what’s hot right now, from music to memes and everything in between – and the stage is yours. Tweet The Beat sets the trend, so tell us what’s caught your eye, got you Tweeting and what you want to hear, while you watch the hottest hits of the day weekdays at 4pm from Monday May 16 on [V] HITS.

Follow @channelvhits and @TwitterAU as we launch this hot new show, and use the hashtag #TweetTheBeat to share your favourite songs, gifs, memes, celeb goss, enter competitions, and see what’s trending. [V] HITS will take the best of the bunch and put your Tweets straight into the daily show. You never know, your Tweet might end up on TV. BOOM! Look at that, now you’re “Twamous” (Twitter famous!).

Tweet The Beat will also bring you performances from the Twitter Blue Room, snack size artist interviews, live Tweets from your favourite artists and updates from gigs, plus Twitter Moments, live polls and more.

Monday May 16 at 4pm on [V] HITS.


  1. Armchair Analyst

    This reminds me of when Video Hits had Interactive Top 10 during the late 90s & early 2000s up to 2003. it was later axed and so was Garry Dunstan former EP, because of vote rigging (according to Wikipedia). Its funny cause i had a conversation with a person at Co-Op book store about how VH should have brought back Interactive Top 10 by using twitter.

  2. What happens when no one actually tweets… I assume they have staged comments ready to go? Nothing like fake interaction to keep people in casual social media jobs

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