Ajay Rochester slams “fat-phobic” Michelle Bridges

Telling Australian Story she has never met a morbidly obese person who is happy, has seen Michelle Bridges attract return fire.


Former Biggest Loser host Ajay Rochester has hit out at trainer Michelle Bridges after her comments this week on Australian Story.

Bridges was profiled by the ABC this week for her business success and anti-sugar stance, but said she’d never met a morbidly obese person who was happy.

Long Lost Family presenter Chrissie Swan said on radio yesterday, “Hi Michelle if you are listening. Remember me? I’ve known you for years. We have met many, many times … You can take it back now. I’m happy.”

Comedian Meshel Laurie also disagreed. “My focus is always, I’ve actually got a perfect body. My body does everything you could ever ask for it to do. It had twins one time, it breathes properly. It is actually possible to be fat and happy, I promise you,” she said on radio.

Now former Biggest Loser host Ajay Rochester has written a lengthy blog post which paints a tense relationship behind the scenes.

“Michelle Bridges can kiss my fat happy ass!” she declared.

“Michelle is fat phobic because she probably has an eating disorder. I won’t even go into the fat jokes and taunts she subjected me to on a daily basis, sometimes outside my door on set, sometimes outside my dressing room window and other times standing behind me during publicity shoots like this one….”

She attached the following photo claiming “This photo was part of the “Ajay is on a diet and needs to lose 23 kilos” campaign Channel 10 forced me to do in my last year. It left me with a chronic eating disorder that took years for me to overcome.”


“My face says it all……she and Shannon stood behind me and made fat jibes and comments a day after they had laughed and made comments about thick thighs and cankles as I walked past them out the door to an event and feeling pretty damn sexy at a healthy size 12,” she continued.

“I remember on Biggest Loser when we traveled and filmed on Fitzroy Island, and she was staying in a room underneath mine, the only time she ate was late at night after way too many wines and the “freedom” of alcohol “allowed” her to cook and eat “without guilt”. So many days she would turn up to set at 4 pm and boast she had done five classes and not eaten a thing like it was something she was proud of. I was usually at the craft services table eating whatever I could get my hands on lol and not giving a crap how many classes I had done and finding happiness in going home to my kid.

“It was no surprise that after that year my bosses put me on a public diet and let me tell you, that was the most miserable year of my life…….I knew her pain and struggle and the self hatred that fueled her but her dollars depend so much on her hating fat people and she sees it disappearing faster than Oprah’s thighs eating bread on Weight Watchers. As Biggest Loser ratings reach all time lows every year she needs people to lack a healthy self esteem because her bank account depends on people hating themselves as much as she does…….drink her sugar free Kool Aid and be “happy”.

In 2012 Rochester appeared as a participant on Nine’s weight-loss show Excess Baggage. She is currently the backstage host on So You Think You Can Dance (US).

TEN is yet to confirm a return for its Biggest Loser brand.

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  1. While we may never know the truth about what went on behind the scenes of “The Biggest Loser”, there is truth in Ajay’s words that Michelle Bridges’ brand relies on people hating themselves. Michelle’s comments that she’s never met an obese person who is happy is such a generalization and seems to suggest that a person can only be happy if they’re skinny. I know plenty of skinny people out there who don’t like themselves, too….

  2. To quote Ajay: “I won’t even go into the fat jokes and taunts she subjected me to on a daily basis”…yet it was OK for Ajay her to call a Biggest Loser contestant a baby elephant during a radio interview, referring to his weight on first weigh in for Season 2.

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