Bumped: Scorpion, Modern Family, American Crime Story, NCIS: NO


TEN has moved on its under-performing Sunday, bringing in the family movie Rio 2 at the early time of 7:30pm this Sunday.

That means changes for other regular shows:

6pm Family Feud
6:30pm Modern Family rpt
7pm Modern Family rpt
7:30pm Movie: Rio 2
9:30pm American Crime Story new
10:30pm NCIS: New Orleans new
11:30pm The Graham Norton Show rpt

Limitless is out this weekend.

Scorpion will reappear 7:30pm Saturday April 30, then 6:30pm Sunday May 1, and looks set to continue in these times.

…and let the record show the next American Crime Story episode is a ripper.


  1. One month on and Limitless is still to reappear. How can TEN justify dropping a show 2 episodes prior to its season finale (heck it could be the series finale given CBS are still to rule on its future). TEN would have been wise to find a late night timeslot to just burn it off in, even if it was back-to-back. Looking at next weeks schedule the best option would be to air it 9:30pm Wednesday instead of the movie Stepmom, or Friday 9:30pm which is currently TBA but has recently been used for local “encores” (e.g. HYBPA, Shark Tank). But I’m not a programmer so it’ll unlikely happen…

  2. I just found the NCIS:NO crossover Ep on the Tenplay app, dated as added today.
    Seeing how bad Ten have been with scheduling lately at least you can watch it now online, rather than waiting for it to turn up on TV.

  3. Thanks for the early alert David, we’ll be waiting for the DVD now. Season one isn’t in our schedule yet so there’s no rush. We did the same for season 1 (Scorpion) when 10 didn’t air the 2nd half last year for yonks (whatever reason). “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”.

  4. I’m really liking these crossover episodes of the NCIS franchise- first the DiNozzo episode of LA, and now the full on NCIS/NO two parter. I can only hope for a full on crossover of all three shows- how about an episode where all three investigations happen in the same time span?

  5. Yes it is late for NCIS NOLA & would have been nice if they just aired it last night after the NCIS ep but at least Ten is showing the second half & not making us wait until NOLA got up to it since we’re a lot further behind with that than we are with NCIS. I knew it was a crossover & was all prepared to then have to wait weeks (probably two months I’d guess) for the other half as I didn’t expect them to skip ahead with NOLA

    I wish Ten (& other channels since they aren’t the only ones guilty of it) wouldn’t move things around. It makes it harder to keep track of things & easier to miss episodes of shows

  6. Scorpion is still on air, Saturday week with part 1 and the next day is part 2 of Tech, Drugs and Rock ‘n Roll. Ten has no new eps available to them at the moment of Modern Family. The People Vs O.J. Simpson moves to 8.30pm on May 1 due to Ten’s Formula 1 coverage.

  7. daveinprogress

    Ten have only themselves to blame. They’ve burned all their new eps of Modern Family; rushing last Sunday’s ep just 3 days after U.S broadcast. The haphazard way of shifting and reprogramming makes them look as if they haven’t got a plan!

    • I noticed that too. It’s a bit late for some people. Why Ch10 wouldn’t just put the NCIS NO ep on after NCIS last night is beyond me! It shows just how little regard they still have for this show! I know it can be seen online, but some people can’t do that.

      • Ten stuffed up. It should’ve been back to back. Crossovers are made to promote shows within a franchise and ten seemingly has missed the memo with how they botched this. If they are going to relegate NO to a 10.30pm timeslot they should’ve put it on 10.30pm tuesday and had triple NCIS.

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