Gogglebox reviews 60 Minutes

2016-04-25_0032Last night Gogglebox families reviewed Game of Thrones, The Project, Australian Story, The Weekly with Charlie Pickering, My Kitchen Rules, The Friday Show, Married at First Sight, Rachel Hunter’s Tour of Beauty, Australian Story and the Movie: Gallipoli.

They also heard 60 Minutes admit, “We made mistakes.”

Here were some of their responses.

  • “No shit Sherlock.”
  • “I can’t believe they’re all so inept.”
  • “At least they’re owning up to it.”
  • “They’ve made her to look like she’s tired. With the bags under her eyes and no make-up.”
  • “They just wanted their story and they’ve ruined this woman’s life.”
  • “You weren’t doing your job sweetheart. You were trying to kidnap 2 kids.”
  • “I love Tara Brown but do you think that was journalism, what they did? It was kidnapping.”
  • “They’re trying to spin it as best they can.”
  • “They showed photos of them popping champagne when they got home. They just don’t get it.”
  • “They should hang their heads in shame.”
  • “Considering what’s happened that was pretty weak (as) an explanation.”

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