Gold Coast Cop pleads not guilty in court


Queensland Senior Constable Aaron Minns, who appeared in Gold Coast Cops, has pleaded not guilty today to four counts of common assault, accused of bashing restrained prisoners.

Queensland tattoo artist Alex Tony Soppa appeared via videolink in the Brisbane Magistrates Court from a NSW jail, insisting Minns didn’t show his police badge prior to an arrest in Nerang in January 2015.

“All I remember is getting up and getting hit by something – it was like a haze or a dream,” he told the court.

“As I came to all I could hear was “stop resisting”. They kept hitting me and I was handcuffed.”

He admitted to smoking ice the day before but rejected allegations he tried to punch Minns during a chase.

Minns is also accused of assaulting another complainant.

The Rapid Action Patrol squad featured in TEN’s Gold Coast Cops series prior to an internal review of Gold Coast police culture announced last August.

Source: AAP, Yahoo

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