Good Wife finale will be “Satisfying, uplifting, and sad.”


Cast and crew from The Good Wife have spoken about the emotional ending coming for their series.

Appearing at the Tribeca Film Festival star Julianna Margulies said it took four reads to come to terms with the script.

She felt “emotionally confused,” and just couldn’t even talk, “because I was having so many emotions,” she explained.

After the second read, Margulies attempted to process her reaction with her husband, Keith Lieberthal. He asked, “Do you like it?” And she told him, “I do. It’s so complex!”

His response? “That’s exactly how you should be.” “I know you’re right,” she told him, “but I’m sad.” His response to that? “That’s exactly how it should be.”

Eventually she sent word through to producers, who were awaiting her approval.

“I wrote them all of three words,” she said. “‘Nothing but brilliant.'”

Asked to give another three words to describe the finale, Margulies offered, “Satisfying, uplifting, and sad.”

Showrunner Robert King cited finales from Six Feet Under, Breaking Bad, and The Sopranos as models, in that the last episode would make a viewer want to start over at the beginning of the series.

“The best finales … are novelistic,” King said. “And novels, there is sometimes a level of ambiguity, which is fun. Fun is the wrong word. Resonant, perhaps. You want a last episode that resonates.”

As to rumours that Josh Charles (Will Gardiner) would return to the show in a flashback, the Kings would neither confirm nor deny.

Co-showrunner Michelle King mentioned other rumours she’s heard, noting at least one of these is true: “I’ve heard that Peter, at this point, is starting another affair. I’ve heard that Alicia and Eli kiss. I’ve heard that Alicia and Jason run off happily together. And I’ve heard that Michelle Obama guest-starred.”

The series ends next month.

Source: Vulture


  1. I have watched The Good Wife since the first episode. It has been brilliant with very few episodes that weren’t of a high standard. I rarely watch TV series on commercial TV, but this is one of the few I consider ‘must see’.

    Will be genuinely sorry to see it end, but it is the right decision. Too many series, especially on the ABC out stay their welcome.

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