John & Lisa win Reno Rumble 2016

There was another reality grand final on TV last night, -with $100,000 on offer.


There was another reality grand final on TV last night, as Nine’s Reno Rumble drew to a close.

New South Wales partners John and Lisa defeated Victorian couple Scott and Nadia by just a single point.

They take home the $100,000 prize after judges Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan turned on the emotion during final scores.

The final concluded a failed run by Nine’s series, never managing to rise above 500,000 viewers. But Nine moved quickly after realising the audience had not connected with the series, confining its 7:30pm losses to the Easter non-ratings period and replacing it with the more-successful Married at First Sight.

Nine still has a 2016 season of The Block due to begin production, but the failure of Reno Rumble suggests renovation fatigue may spread -a theory Seven is about to test with House Rules.

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  1. Dear Television producers …… we are tired of reality TV ….. we are also tired when you think that we need to import judges from overseas ….. we want more australia television …. even if it is Daryl Somers oh hang on maybe not

  2. It was still on?? Good prize though, a dollar a viewer lol, on a serious note though I don’t believe reno fatigue has set in, simply RR was over promoted with terrible casting and worse filming, House rules will be a stable 7-800k because it doesn’t have characters, it has people and actual renovating, really looking forward to it tbh

    1. What ads have you been watching for House Rules? We have been flooded with the Qld Country Twins, and the Ex Navy Guy (who has been positioned as the villain already).

      House Rules is just the same formula as MKR – ramp up the bitching

  3. I only watched the first two episodes, dreadful tv. Without well known contestants it was just stuck in the middle of being House Rules and a Domestic Blitz. I’m just clad to click the article and not see the mother and son team win, he’s the straw that made me switch off the TV.

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