LaTrioli: “Not really news related, but get stuffed :)”


If you’re going to criticise TV talent on social media, you better be ready for a robust reply.

That’s the lesson for viewer Brian Baxter who dared to tackle ABC News Breakfast‘s Virginia Trioli’s today asking, “Not really news related but are the hairdressers for the abc on strike. Looking at you two guys i think it ma be the case.”

He got a pointed reply. With a smiley face.

Trioli was quick to get support from those chiming in with “Stick it to him, Virginia” and “Best line of the morning so far.”

ABC News Breakfast presenters know all about social media opinions.

“I’ve resisted Facebook for a very long time,” Trioli previously told TV Tonight. “I’ve had a Facebook page which is lying dormant and my husband, who is the absolute full bottle on social media and the new platforms for communication said to me, ‘Wake up. That’s actually where television is going to be in ten years time.’”

Co-presenter Michael Rowland previously said, “Twitter is your media and political elite. Facebook is your general punters. It’s also a ready-made tool to see what works and what doesn’t, on any particular view. You’ll get tens of thousands, even more than a hundred thousand views, for an interview with a celebrity or a human interest story. Whereas some political interviews may get hundreds. So it’s a great way as producers and presenters to know what works and what doesn’t.”

Even on holidays Michael Rowland doesn’t escape the feedback, with one viewer today asking “Why are you still on holidays when the very hard working @LaTrioli has return to @BreakfastNews already!”


  1. Yes one must ask what having a flash hair job has to do with the workings of a journalists psyche, of either gender or the makeup clothes, footwear and other stuff the false fashionistas whinge about

  2. Maev....Sydney

    Oh geeze…if people are watching a 24 hour news channel…because of how people look…this is sooo sad….yep…nothing at all to do with the news….

  3. HardcorePrawn

    Has there been any word on what happened to Brigitte Duclos?
    Was her brief stint as the Breakfast News sports presenter just a trial run?

  4. Amazed she was there she has more days off than any other TV presenter,but must admit she way ahead of the commercial station’s presenters

  5. daveinprogress

    I wouldn’t want to cross swords with the formidable La Trioli. I do miss Michael Rowland. I thought Del did a great job filling in for Virginia last week. Whilst Del can be pretty exuberant when in her ‘financial’ element, she did well mixing it up as co-host.

    • Leave Ms. Trioli alone. At least her hairstyle is a welcome change from 90% of female journalist/presenters on the commercial channels. Gunbarrel straight shoulder length hair, parted in the middle and hanging down both sides of their face. Please let this style of hairdo go out of fashion soon,

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