Lee Lin Chin ready for The Weekend Shift

SBS 2’s The Feed has teased a new clip today for The Weekend Shift which it announces is coming on May 9th.

The video-within-video depicts a Newsroom-style promo featuring Lee Lin Chin, with various actors involved (hello Madeleine Madden).

But SBS is being coy over just what the video is hinting at:

  • a Frontline style show (we wish!)?
  • a parody segment within The Feed itself (probably)?
  • a new weekend bulletin (doubtful)?

Screening from May 9th, it is also a day after the Logie Awards, capitalising on Lee Lin Chin’s Gold Logie nomination.


  1. friendly croc

    Whatever it is it will be… Chincredible.

    Also, love the “Poor People” Housos parody poster in the background of the last shot haha.

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