Logie Awards 2016: nominations

Lee Lin Chin, Carrie Bickmore, Waleed Aly, Scott Cam, Grant Denyer and Essie Davis all nominated for the Gold Logie.


Lee Lin Chin, Carrie Bickmore, Waleed Aly, Scott Cam, Grant Denyer and Essie Davis are all nominated for the Gold Logie award for 2016.

The nominations at Crown today drew both surprised reactions and applause, as announced by Peter Helliar and Sylvia Jeffreys.

The public-voted Best Drama is a battle between 800 Words, A Place to Call Home, Home and Away, House Husbands and Love Child. But the Most Outstanding Drama is waged between 800 Words, A Place To Call Home, Love Child, Glitch and Wentworth.

The nominees demonstrated yet again the social media campaigns do work well with The Feed‘s push for Lee Lin Chin from cult status to Gold nominee paying off.

ABC scored 33 nominations followed by Seven and Nine (24), Foxtel and TEN (19) and SBS (6 including NITV).

It also included the first ever nod for a streaming service with Stan’s No Activity with three nominations.

WEEK GOLD LOGIE – Best Personality On Australian TV
• Carrie Bickmore (The Project, Network Ten)
• Essie Davis (Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, ABC)
• Grant Denyer (Family Feud/ The Great Australian Spelling Bee, Network Ten)
• Scott Cam (The Block/ Reno Rumble, Nine Network)
• Lee Lin Chin (SBS World News/The Feed, SBS)
• Waleed Aly (The Project, Network Ten)

Best Actor
• Craig McLachlan (The Doctor Blake Mysteries, ABC)
• Erik Thomson (800 Words, Channel Seven)
• Firass Dirani (House Husbands, Nine Network)
• Josh Thomas (Please Like Me, ABC)
• Stephen Peacocke (Home And Away, Channel Seven)

Best Actress
• Essie Davis (Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, ABC)
• Bonnie Sveen (Home And Away, Channel Seven)
• Jessica Marais (Love Child, Nine Network)
• Julia Morris (House Husbands, Nine Network)
• Marta Dusseldorp (A Place To Call Home, Foxtel – SoHo)

Best Presenter
• Amanda Keller (The Living Room, Network Ten)
• Carrie Bickmore (The Project, Network Ten)
• Grant Denyer (Family Feud/ The Great Australian Spelling Bee, Network Ten)
• Lee Lin Chin (SBS World News/The Feed, SBS)
• Waleed Aly (The Project, Network Ten)

Best New Talent
• Adam Dovile (Better Homes And Gardens, Channel Seven)
• Benson Jack Anthony (800 Words, Channel Seven)
• Dan Reilly (The Block, Nine Network)
• Joel Jackson (Deadline Gallipoli/ Peter Allen: Not The Boy Next Door, Foxtel –
Showcase/Channel Seven)
• Pia Miller (Home And Away, Channel Seven)

Best Drama Program
• 800 Words (Channel Seven)
• A Place To Call Home (Foxtel – SoHo)
• Home And Away (Channel Seven)
• House Husbands (Nine Network)
• Love Child (Nine Network)

Best Entertainment Program
• Family Feud (Network Ten)
• Gruen (ABC)
• Have You Been Paying Attention? (Network Ten)
• The Voice (Nine Network)
• The X Factor Australia (Channel Seven)

Best News Panel Or Current Affairs Program
• 60 Minutes (Nine Network)
• Q&A (ABC)
• Sunrise (Channel Seven)
• The Project (Network Ten)
• Today (Nine Network)

Best Reality Program
• I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! (Network Ten)
• MasterChef Australia (Network Ten)
• My Kitchen Rules (Channel Seven)
• The Bachelorette Australia (Network Ten)
• The Block (Nine Network)

Best Sports Program
• AFL 360 (Foxtel – Fox Footy)
• Marngrook Footy Show (NITV)
• The AFL Footy Show (Nine Network)
• The NRL Footy Show (Nine Network)
• Wide World Of Sports (Nine Network)

Best Lifestyle Program
• Better Homes And Gardens (Channel Seven)
• Gardening Australia (ABC)
• Getaway (Nine Network)
• Selling Houses Australia (Foxtel – The LifeStyle Channel)
• The Living Room (Network Ten)

Best Factual Program
• Australian Story (ABC)
• Bondi Rescue (Network Ten)
• Bondi Vet (Network Ten)
• Gogglebox (Foxtel – The LifeStyle Channel/Network Ten)
• Who Do You Think You Are? (SBS)

Most Outstanding Actor
• Alex Dimitriades (Matt Bashir, The Principal, SBS)
• Hugh Dancy (Ellis Ashmead Bartlett, Deadline Gallipoli, Foxtel – Showcase)
• Malcolm Kennard (Ivan Milat, Catching Milat, Channel Seven)
• Patrick Brammall (James Hayes, Glitch, ABC)
• Sam Neill (Lang Hancock, House Of Hancock, Nine Network

Most Outstanding Actress
• Deborah Mailman (Lorraine, Redfern Now: Promise Me, ABC)
• Essie Davis (Phryne Fisher, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, ABC)
• Mandy McElhinney (Gina Rinehart, House Of Hancock, Nine Network)
• Pamela Rabe (Joan Ferguson, Wentworth, Foxtel – SoHo)
• Sarah Snook (Anna Ivin, The Beautiful Lie, ABC)

Most Outstanding Supporting Actor
• Dan Wyllie (Jimmy, No Activity, Stan)
• David Berry (James Bligh, A Place To Call Home, Foxtel – SoHo)
• Ryan Corr (Corporal MacDonald, Banished, Foxtel – BBC First)
• Tim Minchin (Jacob, No Activity, Stan)
• Tim Minchin (Smasher Sullivan, The Secret River, ABC)

Most Outstanding Supporting Actress
• Celia Ireland (Liz Birdsworth, Wentworth, Foxtel – SoHo)
• Emily Barclay (Sarah Hayes, Glitch, ABC)
• Harriet Dyer (Patricia Saunders, Love Child, Nine Network)
• Jenni Baird (Regina Standish, A Place To Call Home, Foxtel – SoHo)
• Rarriwuy Hick (Robyn Davis, Redfern Now: Promise Me, ABC)

Most Outstanding Drama Series
• 800 Words (Channel Seven)
• A Place To Call Home (Foxtel – SoHo)
• Glitch (ABC)
• Love Child (Nine Network)
• Wentworth (Foxtel – SoHo)

Most Outstanding Miniseries or Telemovie
• Deadline Gallipoli (Foxtel – showcase)
• House Of Hancock (Nine Network)
• Peter Allen: Not The Boy Next Door (Channel Seven)
• The Beautiful Lie (ABC)
• The Secret River (ABC)

Most Outstanding Entertainment Program
• Gruen (ABC)
• Have You Been Paying Attention? (Network Ten)
• The Voice (Nine Network)
• The Weekly With Charlie Pickering (ABC)
• The X Factor Australia (Channel Seven)

Most Outstanding Comedy Program
• No Activity (Stan)
• Open Slather (Foxtel – The Comedy Channel)
• Please Like Me (ABC)
• Shaun Micallef’s Mad As Hell (ABC)
• Utopia (ABC)

Most Outstanding News Coverage
• “Iraq­Syria War Coverage” (ABC 7pm News, ABC)
• “Liberal Leadership Crisis: Abbott V Turnbull” (Foxtel – SKY NEWS LIVE)
• “Migrant Crisis – Special Report” (ABC 7pm News, ABC)
• “Paris Attack” (Seven News, Channel Seven)
• “Parramatta Shooting” (Seven News, Channel Seven)

Most Outstanding Public Affairs Report
• “Catching A Monster” (60 Minutes, Nine Network)
• “Hitting Home” (Hitting Home, ABC)
• “Making A Killing” (Four Corners, ABC)
• “The Killing Season” (The Killing Season, ABC)
• “The Siege Survivors” (60 Minutes, Nine Network)

Most Outstanding Sports Coverage
• 2015 Australian Open (Channel Seven/7TWO)
• Emirates Melbourne Cup (Channel Seven)
• KFC T20 Big Bash League (Network Ten)
• NRL Telstra Premiership Grand Final (Nine Network)
• Holden State Of Origin II (Nine Network)

Most Outstanding Children’s Program
• Bottersnikes & Gumbles (Channel Seven)
• Bushwacked! (ABC3)
• Little Lunch (ABC3)
• Play Along With Sam (Foxtel – Nick Jr.)
• Ready For This (ABC3)

Most Outstanding Newcomer – Actor
• Joel Jackson (Charles Bean, Deadline Gallipoli, Foxtel­ Showcase)
Joel Jackson (Peter Allen, Peter Allen: Not The Boy Next Door, Channel Seven)
• Rahel Romahn (Tarek Ahmad, The Principal, SBS)

Most Outstanding Newcomer – Actress
• Hannah Monson (Kirstie Darrow, Glitch, ABC)
Melina Vidler (Shay Turner, 800 Words, Channel Seven)
• Sara West (Liza Minnelli, Peter Allen: Not The Boy Next Door, Channel Seven)

The Graham Kennedy Breakthrough Star Of Tomorrow
• Benson Jack Anthony (Arlo Turner, 800 Words, Channel Seven)
Ky Baldwin (Young Peter Allen, Peter Allen: Not The Boy Next Door, Channel
• Olivia DeJonge (Shaneen Quigg/Tara Swift, Hiding, ABC)

Logies also announced winners of three Talent awards: Joel Jackson (Peter Allen: Not the Boy Next Door), Melinda Vidler (800 Words) and Ky Baldwin (Peter Allen: Not the Boy Next Door).

The Logie Awards will take place at Crown on Sunday May 8th.

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  1. It’s confusing and silly how the Logies have a ‘Best’ category and an ‘Outstanding’ category since the two words mean virtually the same thing. Why don’t they change ‘Best’ to ‘Most Popular’, since that is what it actually is? Is that how it used to be or did I dream that?

  2. Really hope Craig McLachlan wins for best actor – he’s long overdue for the recognition he deserves.
    Also hope Alex D and Dan Wylie win their respective categories.
    Three brilliant Aus. actors who have been kicking along for a long while now..

  3. Lee Lin Chin’s acceptance speech would be the only watchable part of the Logies. But the majority of Home-And-Away-loving Logies voters aren’t fun enough to vote for her so we’ll probably get Scott Cam again (which would be disappointing in a year where the nominees list is so interesting!)

    It’s also interesting that Grant Denyer’s made a comeback (he used to be really unpopular). I even find him affable now, whereas I couldn’t stand him on AGT/the other hundred Channel 7 shows he was on. Leaving Seven has been a great career move for him.

    1. Josh is certainly likeable. And he’s due credit for some nicely turned scripts. But he’s barely a competent actor, let alone a good one. Which is particularly telling when you’re pretty much playing yourself. It’s nominations like this that ensure the Logies are an on-going joke.

  4. I could be wrong but I think The Project hosts will cancel each other out leaving Essie Davis, Grant Denyer, Lee Lin Chin and Scott Cam to fight it out. Unless there has been a real underground campaign Lee Lin Chin I think Grant Denyer and Essie Davis will be the top 2. Hmmmm and the award for the odd man out is……………. as nice a bloke as he is, Scott Cam !

  5. Tips for winners
    Gold: Lee Lin Chin
    Best Actor: Josh Thomas
    Best Actress: Essie Davis
    Best Presenter: Amanda Keller
    Best New Talent: Pia Miller
    Most Outstanding Actor: Sam Neill
    Most Outstanding Actress: Deb Mailman

  6. Wentworth is one of the best shows on TV right now and they only got 3 nominations. Lisa Wilkinson should’ve been nominated for a Logie.
    I just hope that at this years event they show every single category get awarded on the actual telecast and not like the last few years where they handed out awards earlier, last year I wanted to actually see the Living Room get their award and hear the speech.

  7. Am not even going to bother with the Logies this year… This whole concept of campaigning for votes is an absolute fiasco and is downright delirious… Bias or not, the only time this worked, and for the greater good was when it finally recognised the hard yards he has put in for so long and that was when Ray Meagher won back in i think 2010… I don’t even watch H&A…

  8. I’ve stopped reading the name of the categories they make so sense. It is immediately obvious to me which is a popular and which is a panel voted award by the nominees. How does Joel Jackson not get an outstanding or popular actor nod?

          1. I would have liked a bit more representation from longer run programs in the support categories. Maybe next year.

  9. So happy for Waleed Aly and Lee Lin Chin for gold, I don’t care who wins, although can you imagine Lee Lin Chin’s acceptance speech?! I’m already picturing her outfit.

    Really happy for the love for The Project, The Weekly, Please Like Me, Gruen, HYBPA & Gogglebox (I hope the families either get to come to the show or watch it that week, no doubt they will). Wish Joel Jackson was nominated for acting in either Best or Outstanding category, he was excellent.

    Congrats David for correctly guessing the winners for the outstanding newcomer awards too, all very deserving.

  10. Nominations for Gold have pretty much turned into who campaigns the hardest. Seven dont bother at all and get no one nominated. Nine push Scott Cam every year and he continually gets nominated. You couldn’t watch The Project during the voting period without getting a vote promo rammed down your throat so no surprise both Carrie and Waleed got nominations also.

  11. Looking at that list brings home just how little Australian content we watch in our household. Only ‘Mad As Hell’ and ‘Gruen’ were regular viewing for us. As for the Gold Logie nominees, we only ever watch Lee Lin Chin. Not even sure who some of the others are!

  12. Love that A Place to Call Home got recognised. Great that Marta got nominated and a shame Brett didn’t get one for best actor.

    The gold logie nominees are certainly interesting. Didnt Lee Lin Chin try to pump up votes for a nomination. I know Julia Morris did but obviously that failed. Would be nice to see Carrie go back to back.

    Nice to see 800 words get recognised as well.

  13. Pleasantly surprised to see an Asian and a muslim getting Gold Logie noms. Steve Price and the other shock jocks will be furious to see Waleed getting noms.

    And isn’t it about time they separated the Presenter award into Female and Male? If they can have a zillion new talent categories how about this one?

  14. How did Seven’s coverage of “Paris Attack” get nominated for best news coverage – was that not the time where they used the Dutch flag instead of the French?

    It also hardly seems fair that in some of the Outstanding categories the same actor can get two separate nominations for each show, yet elsewhere if someone has two shows they only get one nomination (ie. Scott Cam has Reno Rumble/The Block lumped in for one nom, same for Denyer and Chin in the Gold category). Quite inconsistent, but what are the Logies without controversy!

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