MasterChef vs The Voice vs House Rules

Nine and TEN must be wondering: when is the My Kitchen Rules grand final?


It’s the biggest question in TV programming right now: when is the My Kitchen Rules grand final?

Seven is keeping its cards close to is chest as to the date MKR concludes.

It hasn’t even confirmed its full schedule for next week as yet. But with a long weekend it’s out on Sunday. It is also out next Wednesday with Border Security: International in on Wednesday followed by an Edinburgh Military Tattoo special.

That leaves Monday and Tuesday to be confirmed, and likely timeslots for new episodes. But at just 2 episodes for the week, it’s taking its sweet time to wrap.

Over at Nine and TEN they are presumably waiting with bated breath for the juggernaut to end.

Last year TEN wisely held off MasterChef until MKR concluded, launching the very next night. With limited compelling content in its schedule between I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here and MasterChef it is stretching thinly at the moment.

Nine has emerged from its Reno Rumble disaster pretty well, thanks to a strategic swap with Married at First Sight, but You’re Back in the Room is losing traction each week as the curiosity diminishes (just 2 more eps to run). Thank goodness for Sport later in the week.

The other key event coming is the Logies on May 8.

For all but one year, Nine has traditionally launched The Voice with the Logies (on the same night or the night after). With Live Logies it’s unlikely to launch on the same night. Again, much hinges around MKR. Nine won’t want Seven to get early traction with House Rules cast.

Seven also knows what’s coming and will place its MKR final / House Rules launch where it can avoid the others benefitting most. With Nine committed to sports events from mid week, it may segue into HR before Nine can launch realistically launch The Voice. Who knows? That’s why execs are paid so well.

For viewers facing 3 reality shows head to head, at least this year there will be a point of difference: food, singing or renovation, anyone?

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  1. MKR is a juggernaut because the viewers like the drama, relate to the characters and buy into “the story.” The TV snobs out there need to get a life, the numbers don’t lie, when it is consistently attracting over 1.3 million per episode, obviously Seven have got the recipe right and are serving up what the viewers want.

    Unfortunately because Masterchef tried to be MKR during 2012 it lost its way and like most programming on Ten, Masterchef is geared for viewers of the lowest mental capacity, so it is likely to be a dull 10 week snooze fest like it has been for the last few years.

    You can depend on the voice to produce some big auditions with big powerful ballads but unfortunately the contestants just aren’t marketable and are easily forgettable within minutes of elimination. It will rate early but who can remember who won in 2015?

    With a clear run and no Reno Rumble…

    1. Your first para is fair enough. However, you lose all credibility with your second para. If Masterchef was such a snooze fest, it wouldn’t have rated as highly as it did the last two seasons.

  2. MKR goes so long now it’s like a soap opera. I think if Seven had their way it would be on all year. Seriougly it seems to go on for an eternity and I don’t get why the public like it so much. Masterchef I s a m u ch better food based show. What amatures can make is truly inspiring.

  3. Bring on MC and The Voice.
    I think The Voice could return the day after the logies or it could return on the Tuesday. I think the final of MKR (finally) will be on the same day as the logies or the next night or maybe the following wk.

  4. MC has a bit of a buffer, though, in that the first couple of eps are rapid-fire contestant selection – they only linger just long enough on the winners that you vaguely recognise most of them when they turn up at the kitchen in ep 3 or 4.

    Since they don’t do the whole “this person is a star, and you’re going to follow them all the way through” or “here’s this team, they’re this stereotype, and these are their quirks/hooks” that the other ‘reality’ shows do at the start, you can miss the selection eps at the beginning without falling out of the loop.

  5. TEN really needs it to finish. Does it get longer each year? It’s quite unbelievable just how much of it there is. It will be interesting to see if audiences react to House Rules now being called ‘Crowded House Rules’. “Guys, it’s different, we promise!!” Different name, same dreary TV to me. Really hope Masterchef can keep building.

  6. Personally, I think House Rules is going to be the biggest loser here following the Reno Rumble disaster. Both shows are quite similar. However, I am liking the previews of House Rules so will definitely watch it.

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