Matt Doran’s Crime Watch Daily nominated for Daytime Emmy

Former Wanted co-host Matt Doran is making good on his US investigative series.


Good to get an update on former TEN presenter Matt Doran, who has been hosting investigative series, Crime Watch Daily, a syndicated show produced by Warner Bros. Television.

The former Wanted co-host has been with the show since its launch last September. It was recently nominated for a Daytime Emmy in the Outstanding Special Class. It takes on shows from CBS, FOX, and OWN.

“I won’t lie, the hours are bruising,” he tells News Corp.

“I host the show on set in Los Angeles, and in between I’m darting like a pinball all over America shooting stories.

“Often, we’ll shoot all day on set, then I’ll jump on a red eye (flight) and fly through the night to the east coast and jump off the plan, have a quick shave in the airport bathroom, grab a small six-gallon coffee, and start shooting.”

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