McElhinneys keep it all in the family


Mandy McElhinney already has three Nine dramas under her belt with Love Child, House of Hancock and Howzat: Kerry Packer’s War and is about to add a fourth.

TV Tonight can reveal she has been cast in upcoming Matchbox Pictures drama, Hide and Seek.

The thriller by Rachel Lang and Gavin Strawhan involves a murder, with police and immigration officials uncovering a network of potential terrorists who have entered Australia under false passports.

“It’s a great contemporary show, which I haven’t done for eons. I’m always doing period drama!” she said.

Keeping it all in the family, her sister Hayley McElhinney will also feature in a new drama.

“My sister is doing a Channel Nine show as well, Doctor Doctor. So it’s pretty fun we’re both doing shows!”

On Sunday Mandy McElhinney was nominated for Logie‘s Most Outstanding Actress, for her performance as Gina Rinehart in House Of Hancock.

“I’ve been to a few Logies, but I have never won one,” she said.

“I’m really glad with this nomination because as you know it was a very tricky process to go through.

“It’s nice because I won’t get another opportunity to be nominated for that role. It was a challenging opportunity. And Sam (Neill) and the show are nominated.”

Her chances of success double with Love Child also nominated in both the peer and public-voted Drama categories.

“I’m so proud of Love Child (so it’s good) the rest of the team get a nod for that as well, and Harriet (Dyer),” she continued.

“It’s a really beautiful, feminist show. It’s very much about women. It’s a wonderful place to work, we all love each other dearly and I think you can see the love and care we have for the show. I think it’s very special.

“It’s maybe changed the way (Nine’s) thinking about commissioning things now, because it’s been so successful. Women sell, you know!”

A third season is due soon on Nine with new cast members, but McElhinney was staying silent on just whom.

“There is a darker element again, but every character goes a little bit deeper. You get to see these girls growing up,” she said.

“There’s new faces and a glimpse into other institutions and what was happening at the time.

“They make Stanton House look a little bit like Club Med!”

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