1. I am very disappointed with Reno Rumble this year. Scott Cam is so annoying and I’m sick and tired of his nonsense. Channel 9, please do not renew this show for 2017.

  2. Secret Squïrrel

    Nine’s biggest non-News/CAFF program for the night was a game show that was on before primetime. More people watched Great Continental Railways on SBS or Octonauts on ABC2 than watched the final of RR. I think that’ll be the final final for RR.

  3. The Question is not that people are watching MKR it’s why they bother watching the program in such huge numbers it is just another cooking contest I don’t watch any of them I either watch a DVD or entertainment on Foxtel much better idea

  4. if those are the numbers for RenoRumble and people are tired of Reno shows I wonder what the numbers for HouseRules will be. I was one of the people who have watched RenoRumble this season- it was good, hopefully they do another 1 next year.
    Really good numbers for TodayExtra- looks like the TodayShow and TodayExtra are beating their counterparts on 7.

  5. Channel 9’s primary channel in third place ! Whatever happened to “Still the One “. Nines massive judgemental errors this year will make it hard to recover. But then with bankers running the Channel, what else can you expect !

  6. Burying the Reno Rumble finale against MKR was probably clever in theory, but I suspect most of the media coverage of the results today will highlight how poorly RR did in comparison.

  7. I was flicking through the channels and laughed when I saw the “Cats & Dogs” show on Nine. I think they knew it was a lost cause and didn’t even try!

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