More presenters join chorus for women in Logie Hall of Fame


Morning TV hosts have weighed into the absence of women from the Logies Hall of Fame.

An article in News Corp has noted TV Tonight‘s 2015 campaign for more women to be inducted alongside Ruth Cracknell, 28 men and 4 shows.

Today Extra host David Campbell said, “The options are endless, I can’t believe that Ruth is the only one in there.

“Television was a white male boy’s club and that’s the way it was.

“But we could have tried a bit harder up until now.

“The Logies probably could have tried a bit harder when looking, I think they’ve taken a few easy punts.”

Co-host Sonia Kruger agreed.

“It’s bizarre,” she said. “Strangely though, it doesn’t surprise me. We’ve come a long way, the fact that we’re talking about it today is a good thing. But I guess it was the way.”

Studio 10‘s Ita Buttrose, said the list was reflective of the gentlemen’s club mentality of the television industry.

“Women are constantly overlooked,” she said. “It’s what happens in Australia and the Logies reflect exactly what happens in Australia, women are overlooked.”

Jessica Rowe aded: “TV is dominated by men. It’s blokey.”

Organisers have said this year’s inductee -which would already be finalised- will be announced on the night.

You can use the #morelogiewomen hashtag to add your support in social media.


  1. Perhaps the Hall of Fame could be expanded to recognise three inductees, like some sporting codes are doing. This would solve the issue of running out of time to recognise worthy candidates.

  2. Secret Squïrrel

    Frankly, it’s a disgrace. Fortunately, not many people take the Logies seriously.

    As Bettestreep2008 said, if they do induct a woman this time around, some of the gloss of that honour will be removed because of the assumption of reacting to the pressure. It’ll be seen as tokenism. What the Logies should do is publicly fess up that they have fallen short of the mark, and induct several well-deserving ladies as a mea culpa.

    I agree that selection should always be on merit but is anyone saying that Ruth Cracknell is the only woman deserving of recognition in this way?

    • As I have noted before it is also impacted by the ageing of TV. The early days of TV (even into the 70s) was male-dominated. So there is a long list of males who have been deservedly inducted. Some, including Daryl Somers, are yet to be recognised. As our TV history gets older we are losing veterans. Hall of Fame rules decree they must be inducted in the next round after their death or not at all. Hence recent Nine men have been inducted. But with one a year it’s now a squeeze to recognise those recently passed, women who made an impact, men who are also overdue, let alone classic shows or producers / writers. The idea of one male / female / show would assist.

      • Secret Squïrrel

        Yes, good point. Just having a single entity each year is pretty restrictive and clearly not keeping up with suitable candidates. The rule about being inducted the next time around after passing is stupid.

        However, I’m not keen on one of each for every year as this also smacks of tokenism (for the women again) and what if there wasn’t a suitable show (or woman) one year? I’d be a lot more comfortable if they were to say that there are ‘n’ number of suitable candidates this year so there will be ‘n’ inductees.

        Whatever system they use, they need to address the current glaring disparity.

        • I personally believe there is a need for the removal of the “can only be inducted the year after death” rule r.e. Logies HOF. Many more potential posthumous inductees (potentially a decade’s worth at least) could be then considered for elevation.

          David’s idea of 1 male/female/show is good. I’d wouldn’t change a thing, except that the “show” option can be alternated biennially with a posthumous inductee outside the current HOF rules (allowing the induction of people like, Bob Dyer, Dawn Lake etc.), so any potential program induction well doesn’t dry up as well, as a three nominee system can warrant a separate event (e.g. induction ceremony being September 16 each year, for example, instead of the Logies) with plenty of stories from the inductees.

  3. Jessica Rowe added: “TV is dominated by men. It’s blokey.”
    Except maybe for newsroom journalists/reporters. I think a head count of TV news people doing stand up reports from news events would show a predominance of females. Maybe its just a perception but I don’t think so. News bosses going after glamour? I would hope not.

  4. Not to take away anything others are standing for and with all due respect to all the women in the industry, assessment should be based on merit. I don’t think there’s always a deliberate effort to shun women but I could be ignorant and living a sheltered life (so forgive me). Has anyone praised the Logies for diversity (eg Waleed, LilLi Chin) as much as criticising Logies for not including enough women? Why does everything seem to be so ‘politically correct’ focussed?

  5. bettestreep2008

    Oh no. If they select a woman for the Hall of Fame , the people who were outraged by Waleed Aly and Li Li Chins Gold Logie nominations will scream “the politically correct leftwing loonies are taking over again.

    Sadly if a female (pretty please Denise Drysdale) is gonged this year, she will know that the Logie committee were pressured to do so.

    This campaign is like the Oscars so white – full of good intentions but misguided.

    Let the Logies select a man or a show …again… and see if the drunk guests will boo or not.

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