Mr. Robot: teaser

I don’t really detect much new footage in this teaser for Mr. Robot.

But I don’t really mind. Just the fact that its return is getting closer is reason enough for optimism.


  1. Yes, Mr Robot coming back is very good news indeed. An excellent show that only got better as S1 progressed. I’m hoping for good things from season 2.

  2. I thought Mr Robot was the best show I’d seen in the last year – even better than Game of Thrones and Better Call Saul.

    It’s more paranoid than a Liberal senator seeking pre-selection.

      • Ah, but that’s all part of the conspiracy, you see. It was watched by large numbers of people, but The Powers That Be suppressed it. It wouldn’t surprise me if this post disappears.

        Hang on a minute, there’s someone at the front door wearing dark glasses and a trench-coat. What the…

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