Returning: Strike Back

Final season of action series with Sullivan Stapleton & Philip Winchester begins in May.


It’s always a tad treacherous to write about the return of action series Strike Back, because there is often confusion about which season number it involves.

That gets back to Cinemax only being involved from S2, after the original UK production.

Suffice to say the “Legacy” season, featuring Sullivan Stapleton, begins on FOX8, Sundays from May 1 at 8.30pm. This is the season that was halted due to an accident involving Stapleton in Thailand.

This is the final season, which aired in the US in July last year.

There are plans to make a feature film with Philip Winchester and Stapleton reprising their roles.

‘Strike Back’ comes to a series conclusion with Season 4 “Legacy” where the action of ‘Section 20’, a secretive unit of British military intelligence, take on several high risk missions throughout the globe. Season 4 lets us see the team as humble honest people, who give up everything to protect what they see as right. Returning for the final season are Philip Winchester as Sergeant Michael Stonebridge and Sullivan Stapleton as Sergeant Damien Scott. The focus of this season is the terrorist motives of North Korea in collaboration with the Japanese Yakuza, and the Russian mafia and an Irish bomb maker, putting the team in a tough situation to resolve so much, before the series final.

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