Sally Faulkner home in Australia


Sally Faulkner arrived in Australia on Friday night after farewelling her children in Lebanon.

The Brisbane mother has since been re-united with family.

A spokeswoman for the Nine Network confirmed tonight’s 60 Minutes will feature Faulkner an reporter Tara Brown with families but will not focus on the events of the past two weeks.

A recap will play “a small part” in tonight’s program, the spokeswoman told Fairfax.

Faulkner’s estranged husband Ali Elamine last week told The Project his deal with Nine prohibited them from directly screening footage.


  1. seriously who is advising them that all there smiling photos are appropriate? They are far from out of the woods. Australia might be divided over mum vs. dad, but I think the consensus opinion over the 60minutes team is overwhelmingly negative.

    if 9 want heads to roll of those that knew about the operation surely tara brown and stephen rice would have huge targets on their back.

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