Smithers now out of The Simpsons closet

In case you hadn’t heard…. Waylon Smithers came out as gay in the latest episode of The Simpsons in the US.

Whilst this would normally be considered a Spoiler, it’s probably only a spoiler to Montgomery Burns.

The episode saw Homer use Grindr to throw a party to find a new guy for his boss after Smithers realises his feelings for Mr. Burns won’t be reciprocated.

The episode also features George Takei as a guest voice.

It airs on Wednesday in Australia


  1. I’m very interested to see how Mr Burns reacts about Smithers being gay. Is this episode showing at 8.30pm tonight on ELEVEN or not?

  2. Mr Burns knows he is gay, you clearly don’t watch the show, in one of the early seasons he sends Smithers an email with a video where he is undressed saying “You’re quite good at turning me on”

  3. daveinprogress

    I would have thought after all those hundreds of eps that Burns did comment on or notice Smithers’ same sex attraction. There was an ep when Burns came to live with Smithers when the former lost his empire. I think I recall Burns making a double entendre about Smithers and his lifestyle. But I guess they’ll bring it all up to date; especially with grindr references etc.

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