Tasia & Gracia win My Kitchen Rules 2016


Victorian sisters Tasia and Gracia have won My Kitchen Rules for 2016, defeating South Australian couple Carmine and Lauren.

They win $250,000 after judges Pete Evans, Manu Feildel, Colin Fassnidge, Guy Grossi, Karen Martini and Liz Egan scored them three perfect 10s and an overall score of 57 out of 60. Carmine and Lauren scored 51.

It was a marathon cook-off across five courses, before their former contestants.

“I think it’s the greatest achievement that we have ever accomplished and we did it together which makes it more special than anything else,” said Gracia.

“We did it and we did it without killing each other.”

Both were complimented on the spice in their dishes, especially the sauce.

“This is something I imagine coming straight from a hawker stall. It’s got the breath of the wok in it,” said Karen Martini.

“We definitely want to do street Indonesian food in Australia,” Tasia said later.

Carmine and Lauren, who stuck to an Italian cuisine, were gracious in defeat.

“There’s no other team we’d want to share this experience with…we love you guys,” said Lauren.

The win by the Indonesian-Australians contrasts wildly with previous MKR seasons in which the show was criticised for casting Asian-Australians as series villains.

The grand final also caps off yet another hit season for Seven, drawing ratings as high as 1.94m for Seven and creating headaches for Nine and TEN.

The show is already inviting applications for a 2017 season.


  1. I ceased watching the charade ages ago. How the show manages to draw viewers to watch a poorly scripted episode full of artificial suspense, very ordinary editing and a count down meant to give the impression so called contestants, aka, actors, wouldn’t produce the goods is anybody’s guess. Keep watching next season if you fancy being treated as a mug. As for the judges…….

  2. Thank goodness it is finally over. How anyone sat through nightly episodes of this is beyond me. It is far too drawn out. Bring on Masterchef where cooking is actually the focus rather than who can out b**** who.

  3. I watched the previous couple of seasons of MKR but this year I stopped after the first 2 instant restaurant rounds. It all seemed too contrived, including the scores given by the judges which seemed to be based on the casting strategy rather than the food presented by the teams, and the nastiness crossed the line between drama and unpleasant viewing.

    Anyway, good luck to the show, it draws in viewers. It is by no means the worst thing on FTA.

  4. The sad thing is that while they are making all this garbage, no quality Australian drama is appearing in the top 20 ratings ( Home and Away is soap). Drama reflects our society and history much more than a bunch of bitchy cooks. Thank goodness for BBC First, unfortunately it is not Australian.

  5. It ran for far too long, and the bitching and fighting in the instant restaurant rounds are just really unnecessary. But I enjoyed this season. The quality of the teams at the grand final was excellent, and the better team won.

  6. bettestreep2008

    I can honestly say I watched zero minutes of this drivel. Sadly the amount of promos and ads since October last year made it virtually impossible not to escape the damn show. And now Ten is doing the same with Masterchef Australia. This form of advertising might work on some viewers but many of us are really peeved with those pop-ups during a show and during our sports telecasts. The Australian Open and AFL Anzac match were particularly ruined by these ads. Don’t think Seven management give a toss though. MKR is a ratings juggernaut because a lot of people enjoy watching contestants cry, panic and bitch bitch bitch.

  7. Seven really need to take better care with their promos. MKR began advertising their grand final two weeks ago and you could see that Pete was announcing the winner to his left. When last night’s episode started they showed where the two teams were standing so I knew Tasia & Gracia had won.

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