TEN thumped as Seven wins Sunday, Nine hypnosis show dips.

Ratings: Kerri-Anne, Daryl & Attenborough can still pull a Sunday crowd -all of which was bad news for TEN.

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The bad news for Seven on Sunday was that My Kitchen Rules was not the #1 show for the first time this season. The good news: it was only outranked by Seven News, and only by 10,000. At 1.32m viewers MKR is still safely positioned as TV’s best performer.

Seven had a strong Sunday showing with Sunday Night‘s emotional Kerri-Anne interview drawing 994,000 viewers, well up on last week’s 711,000.

You’re Back in the Room wasn’t quite so hypnotic to some of last week’s audience, dropping from 1.16m to 890,000. The curiosity was probably over quickly for some, but the number is still respectable and it finished second in its timeslot.

ABC’s David Attenborough doco also debuted well at 815,000 viewers. The heated competition was again bad news for TEN, unable to rise above 500,000 for any of its titles. Modern Family was best with 475,000.

Seven network won with 34.5% then Nine 28.6%, ABC 17.0%, TEN 12.8% and SBS 7.1%.

Seven News was #1 with 1.33m then My Kitchen Rules (1.32m), and Sunday Night (994,000). The Blacklist was 388,000.

Nine News (1.16m) was best for Nine then You’re Back in the Room (890,000) and 60 Minutes (694,000). Movie: Man on Fire was just 227,000.

ABC News (818,000) led for ABC followed by David Attenborough’s Great Barrier Reef (815,000) and Call the Midwife (595,000). Stephen Fry: Out There was just 198,000.

TEN struggled with Modern Family (475,000 / 434,000), Scorpion (354,000), TEN Eyewitness News (338,000), American Crime Story just 265,000 and NCIS: New Orleans on 192,000.

On SBS it was SBS World News (202,000), Egypt’s Lost Queens (198,000) and Vietnam: The War that made Australia (192,000). Inside Heston’s World was 88,000.

7mate’s movie Shooter was 232,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 10 April 2016

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  1. Sunday nights ep of The Blacklist was the best yet. Shame 7 did no advertising until Sunday night was on and even then the advertising was horrible. No wonder it got 388,000. Shame on you, Seven

  2. It’s a pity NCIS:NO doesn’t get higher numbers in Australia, especially as this week’s episode had an Aussie theme, and Australian actress, Kate Beahan playing an Australian, with an Aussie accent.

  3. The only thing that had me hypnotised last night was watching a couple of hundred men flog themselves over the cobblestones of the Paris-Roubaix. Nice to see Hayman get his reward for his years of selflessness helping others.

  4. I enjoyed YBITR thought it was much better than last weeks. Scorpion was a good one last night. American crime story is getting better and better sarah paulson what an actress! Also watched swimming on 72.

        1. I am one of the few also, all my viewing last night was on Ten. Scorpion another great episode, the 2 Modern Family eps were great and agree with daveinprogress season 7 picking up from the slow start.

          Sarah Paulson was wonderful again last night, I can see Emmy and Golden Globe wins for her performance.

  5. I watched YBITR for the first time last night. Like previous reviewers have commented, I did not believe it was real. There is a huge difference between making someone believe something because they are hypnotised, and them being able to turn that thought into ‘works well on tv’ entertainment. Even if they believed something it doesn’t mean they would be over the top and do the same silly thing over and over until the buzzer went off.
    At worst I think the whole show is fake, at best it’s good actors being hypnotised because they are good entertainers.

    1. Yes, watching TYITR last night, there were definitely times when I suspected the whole thing’s a fake.
      One was the way the contestants seem to often conveniently wait their turn to “perform”, instead of yelling over each other.
      Another was the way they seemed to snap out of their “hypnotised state” and immediately cease their obsessive behaviours as soon as Daryl said time’s up, rather than when the hypnotist “officially” snapped them out of it.
      Also, a bit suss that the contestants have managed to win the entire amount of money in the kitty each week so far.

  6. Ten has some great US programs but they have screened in the US months. Any savvy person has already seen these. Stations can no longer store these shows for a rainy day.

    At Nine YBITR was never going to hold a big audience in the longer term. The silly factor gets stale in my view.

    1. I must be one of the half a million non-savvy folk who tuned in to two new Modern Family eps. Ten only have themselves to blame for holding onto them for a few months; and burning them off at 4 eps in a week! I don’t think they would have got a lot higher if screened back in October onwards. Maybe early 600’s if they are lucky. Shame as the current block of eps are pretty good after a lacklustre start to season 7.

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