The Leftovers S3 relocating to Australia


In news nobody saw coming HBO drama The Leftovers is reportedly headed to Australia for its third season -both in storyline and production.

The Hollywood Reporter says production will pick up where it left off last season in Austin, Texas, before coming here.

The series from Damon Lindelof and Tom Perrotta, which has established itself as a critical hit, started out in a fictional New York suburb before relocating in season two to a “miracle” town in Texas.

The series explores what happens in a world where 2% of the population has mysteriously disappeared.

No word yet where in Australia it may land but Season Two did reference Perth. HBO is yet to confirm the move.

The Leftovers screens on Showcase.


  1. I had wondered if they would do that, the references to Australia in the show have made it sound like it is quite significant to the overall story.

  2. mateo_mathieu

    Yeah, this was hinted at pretty heavily last season. Can’t wait. Oh, and if they are going to shooting here in Australia, I want to be in the show with the nude Justin Theroux. Dayuum!

  3. That would be cool, dont know what they would do. Kevin Garvy Sr was the one in Perth in S2 but it was a dream type episode. With how S2 ended they still had a lot to do in Miracle, Texas. but you could of said the same about Season 1 and Mapelton.

    Australia might be the last place untouched by the GR

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