Top Gear in Australia: BBC Knowledge, Nine, Netflix & Stan.


There are reports today Netflix has secured global streaming rights for the new-look Top Gear.

Netflix chief content officer, has said that the show will be made available on the streaming service because it falls under the existing deal it has with the BBC.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean it will enjoy it as premiere, in a complex broadcast rights landscape.

A BBC spokesperson told TV Tonight, “In Australia, BBC Knowledge has rights to premiere Top Gear followed by Channel 9 which has an 8 week hold back. SVOD rights are offered as they become available.

“Netflix and Stan currently both have rights to various back catalogue for Top Gear.”

Top Gear premieres on BBC Knowledge next month, a date yet to be confirmed.


  1. Good to know, and thanks for the details on the 8 week delay ch9 has for the show, doesn’t mean it will air in July on FTA just that they can.

    Last I heard it’s set for late May but as David said they TBC and all the Foxtel promo says is ‘coming in May’.

    Can’t wait to get news on the Amazon show with the old guys and where it will land here.

  2. Which Aus network will get the new version from Amazon, with the original team, that won’t be able to be called Top Gear, will be more interesting, but due to Amazon having to pay through the nose for it, it may be too expensive or Aus free to air channels.

  3. What an absolute dogs breakfast of various interests all trying to “clip the ticket” of a previously successful TV show, I think without the old hosts its going to be a case of “who cares?” though. There will be zero interest in this from a lot of established fans and I can’t see it being very appealing or indeed at all accessible to new viewers.

    • You’d think they’d be getting it out in front of people any way they could, as fast as they could, because there will be a great deal of “who cares” involved.

    • Yes, a comment rather than a formal release. Media are quick to jump on anything with the word Netflix in it. They should get some rights, but it will be different in different territories and not all first-run. I felt it was important to put some clarity in for local viewers.

      • Won’t they get the same rights they currently have in Australia which is usually around the time of the physical release?

        Oh well, trust Fairfax to jump on any story that could be even remotely viewed as anti-Foxtel.

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