Update: American Crime Story

The People V. O.J. Simpson-Season 1-Episode7-3

Heads up fans of American Crime Story….

TEN has slated a double episode of The People v OJ Simpson this coming Sunday, with Episode 7 at 8:30pm and Episode 8 at 9:30pm. NCIS: New Orleans is out, Limitless remains as 10:30pm.

TEN had already slated the double episodes prior to low ratings on Sunday night so it’s not a direct reaction, although they have been slipping each week despite the improvement in the story itself.

At this stage it has single episodes due to playout on April 24 and May 1st -but the final is at 9:30pm. A hint at Masterchef perhaps…?


  1. I think it was the usual problem of drama programs simply not being given any promotion. I saw endless promotions for their usual reality sludge but not the merest indication that this program was coming. If I had known it was on I would have watched it enthusiastically but if the network can’t be bothered to tell people about shows how can they expect them to watch them?

  2. Part of the problem is that it took place 20 odd yeas ago-you have to be of a certain age to remember it and then you know what the outcome was-of course being on 10 doesn’t help the ratings.

  3. I was genuinely surprised at the super low ratings for this over the past weekend. I can only put it down to Channel 10’s overall low viewership & the flow-on effect to promoting their shows.

  4. I for one am really enjoying this show. So many good actors and a story that still resonates. Special mention should go to John Travolta for a brilliant treatment of a very ugly character.

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