Update: Castle

Heads up Castle fans. It will return in around 2 weeks time.


Castle fans wondering where they can catch the next episode should be advised it will return in around 2 weeks time.

It’s been a tad tricky to keep up, with the Monday show having a recent Sunday outing and now out for two weeks due to the Australian Swimming Championships next week and the Downton Abbey finale on April 18.

It resumes 10pm Monday April 25 with Season 8 Episode 14 “The G.D.S.”

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  1. Swimming, how quaint, but not a problem, the ‘My Watchlist List’ says I’m up to CAS807 Castle – The Last Seduction, seven has at least 4 to 6 months to air the rest of S8. Hard to believe folks use the TV Book schedule these days.

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