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Question: If we didn’t want to watch Australia’s Got Talent, why would we bother with Britain’s Got Talent?

As promos during the Logie Awards revealed, Nine is upgrading the UK series from GO! to its primary channel.

It will premiere at 8.30pm next Tuesday with Lip Sync Battle following at 10pm.

As many viewers have recently discovered Nine’s post 8:30 schedule is full of ‘filler’ content and almost none of it local.

It is already May and Nine has still not screened a Drama series (Love Child is on the way). This comes despite the network making noisy claims that dumping its Warner Bros output deal would boost its local content. That may prove to be true by the time productions are in the can but this holding pattern is proving pretty terrible. Observational docos and lifestyle galore, isn’t that what 9Life is for? And just how many of the new projects are set for post 8:30?

Meanwhile Britain’s Got Talent, which clearly attracts better acts than Australia thanks to its population, is arguably a YouTube show where viewers can see the pick of the bunch on their mobiles and devices. The promo’s lead star of an amazing child singer was published here a month ago. Nine will need to ensure it can catch-up to the UK to avoid the audience being ahead of online spoilers.

Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon and David Walliams again take their places on the judging panel to critique the new batch of acts who will take the stage to entertain, inspire and catch the hearts of viewers around the world.

Episode One of Britain’s Got Talent sees the judges left completely bewildered by the voice of 12 year-old Beau, along with a terrifying sword swallow illusion that defies life and death, leaving them at the edge of their seats.

Stephen Mulhern returns to host, while comedy duo Ant & Dec will be on hand to mentor the talent through their performance of a lifetime and guide the audience through these phenomenal acts.

The Got Talent format, co-owned by FremantleMedia and Syco Entertainment globally, holds the Guinness World Records title for the highest number of adaptations, making it officially the world’s most successful reality TV program. Since 2006 it has expanded to 183 countries with more than 500 million viewers.

Tuesday, May 17, at 8.30pm on Nine.


  1. I think the successful combo of judges and broader range of acts makes this much more appealing to watch. The fact that they haven’t needed to change the line-up of judges due to the camaraderie makes it much more appealing. David Walliams’ stirring of Simon Cowell even has him laughing at the situation at times. Lack of content forces it onto the main channel and the fact that they give away all the best surprises, and best parts of those, means that Nine’s advertising department is risking showing all the main content! (Actually, they are as I watch these on Youtube each weekend after airing in the UK). Still, better than some other stuff on the idiot box.

  2. BGT is so much better than AGT. Nine made it too much like The Voice – looking for the inspirational stories and uplifting moments. Bollocks! I want the untalented egomaniacs who get cut down to size by Simon Cowell!

  3. I’m glad they are airing it, thought they might not bother at all. The last 5 eps are shown over 5 days in UK but last ti e it was on GO it aired over 5 weeks, meaning the finals will be over a month after the UK airs it. I wish channel 7 would show Strictly Come Dancing

  4. Britains Got Talent is a much better show than Australia’s Got Talent especially with Simon Cowel and David Walliams as judges

    That said I still won’t watch, feel like this show was more interesting 3-5 years ago

  5. Maev....Sydney

    To answer your question…I would say….Simon Cowell
    He seems to be the draw card for this show…only my opinion…
    I dont care for these shows….may watch odd acts……tried The Voice…out of boredom one night….flicking back and forward…lasted about 15 minutes

    • I used to enjoy the blind auditions but the padding out and long back stories has lost me this season. Particularly when they started to focus on one contestant only to leave it until the end of the show!

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